Spark sneak peek: Edgy and riveting

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11 November 2023

On the heels of dropping the trailer last month, the makers of Spark, featuring Vikranth, Mehreen Pirzada, and Rukshar Dhillon in the lead roles, on Saturday dropped another trailer with the title ‘Evil Side of Spark’, sparking excitement among filmgoers.

The one-minute-30-second clip opens with a man searching for his wife Durgi in the middle of a forest in what is a pitch dark night with the help of a lantern. As he trudges along carefully calling out her name, some sounds take him by surprise. Now, taking each step carefully while shouting 'Durgi Durgi', he sees her and is shell- shocked. The trailer then cuts into saying ‘be ready for another dimension of Spark Life’. The next part of the trailer is filled with visuals as lead character Vikranth transforms from serenading multiple women (played by Rukshar and Mehreen) at the same time to someone seeking answers while battling a raft of adversaries. The trailer is also dotted with glimpses of characters played by Nasser, Vennela Kishore, Satya, Brahmaji and Suhasini, while the makers chose not to give away anything in terms of the plot.

Overall, this brand new trailer of Spark is up to the mark and promises an edge-of-the-seat action thriller. The background song and score (by Hesham Abdul Wahab) adds to the edginess of the action-packed trailer.

For the film, Vikranth has also doubled up as a story and screenplay writer. Also featuring Srikanth Ayyangar, Annapurnamma and Raja Ravindra, Spark is slated to release in five languages –Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam – on November 17th. Leela Reddy is the producer.

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