The Birthday Boy trailer: Fun and emotional

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10 July 2024

The trailer of The Birthday Boy, featuring fresh faces in the lead, was shared by the makers on Wednesday and it is all kinds of engaging with a dash of humour.

Spanning close to two minutes, the trailer opens with a gang playing cards in the US, with one of them asking the order of a particular sequence, much to the dismay of one of the five who says, “You’ve been playing cards since childhood and yet you don’t know what a sequence is.” The gang consumes alcohol daily and fed up with the practice, they decide to boycott it for a month. One of the members, however, is having none of it. The trailer later transitions to the gang celebrating one of the friend’s birthday and as a part of celebrations, they swing the birthday boy in air. Unfortunately, he falls on a glass and loses his life on the spot. In panic mode, the gang calls a character played by Ravi Krishna to seek help. He gets a shock of his life after seeing the dead person. The trailer then takes an emotional route, with the family of the dead landing in the US, and soon cops too come calling home. What prevails next?

Overall, the trailer catches you attention with the friends’ bonhomie and the natural setting as it tries to paint the life of bachelors and their party culture in the US. It looks to convey a subtle message without being over dramatic and with the use of humour. The dialogue is colloquial and the performances real.

Being promoted as the whackiest film of the year, the film is written and directed by Whisky, while Prashanth Srinivas has composed the music. The film has been shot on sync sound.

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