Rajini sir & Chiru sir are beyond hits and flops: Vijay Deverakonda

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22 August 2023

As a part of promoting his September 1st release Kushi, Vijay Deverakonda was asked about the recent failure of megastar Chiranjeevi-starrer Bhola Shankar. Replying to the question, the suave actor said, “See they are all superstars beyond hits and flops. Rajini sir can have six flops back-to-back and come and do a film like Jailer which does 500 crores. We just have to shut up and watch.

“Chiranjeevi sir might have six-seven flops back-to-back, but again if he decides and a right director meets his energy, he will deliver a super hit like he did earlier this Sankranti. He changed the Telugu industry. When he came, the kind of acting that was there, the kind of dance that was there, and the kind of performance that was there, all changed entirely. He inspired thousands of people to become actors.”

Heaping high praise on the superstar and the megastar for creating an ecosystem that is benefiting actors of his generation, Vijay continued, “We should never judge Rajini sir and Chiru sir by success and failure. They are far bigger than that. They are idols. And they are so seniors, we should just respect them. It is sad to see people commenting when their films won’t work. For me, it feels a little disrespectful because if I’m here today and able to do these films, it’s because all these actors have done so much work and created an ecosystem where people enjoy going to the cinemas. Their efforts also paved the way for the younger generation getting an opportunity to make cinema.”

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