Konda Polam in Overseas by Great India Films from Oct 8th
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Great India Films is happy to announce our association with First Frame entertainments in releasing the adventure drama Konda Polam starring Panja Vaisshnav Tej and Rakulpreet Singh.

Directed by Maverick and tasteful director Krish Konda Polam comes after the recent blockbuster success of Uppena for Viasshnav tej which was also distributed by Great India Films overseas.

Konda Polamm will be released in overseas on Friday Oct 8th in USA, Canada, UK, Singapore. Contact great India Films for trade enquiries. We encourage movie lovers to watch Konda Polam on the big screen near you as the movie will be released in 100+ locations in USA.

We thank Rajeev Reddy garu, Krish garu and other producers who referred us to Rajeev garu for trusting us with this responsibility.

Great India Films thanks movie lovers for their continued support in our 19 years of journey.

For trade inquiries contact
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FB/Twitter @greatindiafilms

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