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by Raj
12th September 2003
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The movie is hit just b'coz of two "M"s the Music and Money contributed by A R Rehman and A M Ratnam. Ladies and Families can not see this movie and boys should not see this movie for its vulgarity and theme.

I as a youth enjoyed the scenes but this is not one expects from one of the best directors of the country. The only plus point is the songs and its picturization.

We have felt "wow" for five times i.e for five songs and we felt "awk" for five times i.e for

1.vomiting scenes after the booze party.
2.stamping and cleaning the shit.
3.puting the boys head in the toilet tank.
4.prasadam eating scenes of ...
5.some vulgar scenes(better not to name )

One has to bear these scenes to enjoy the songs...

Coming to the theme of the movie, the price the Boys pay in order to succeed in life.

1.They come out of their home hitting on the dreams of their parents. They don't care about their parents and treat them as devils.
2.They will go to jail under POTA case.
3.They take up very low profile jobs to support stomach and literal stay on roads
4.Hero runs naked on road.
5.and the last one they loose one of the boys in an accident.

And then these boys gets success.

If this is the price to be paid for this success nobody ever wish or dare to become successful. It is easy for everyone to point out the faults but it is a "must see" movie for its technical values, the songs picturization and the.............the..............the.............the heroine(damn good).

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