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Boni music launch
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April 20, 2009


Music of Sumanth’s latest film Boni was launched in style at a function organized in Hotel Novotel on the night of 20 April. Mani Sharma, Koti, RP Patnaik and Chakri attended this function as guests. The other guests include Jayant C Paranji and Lagadapati Sridhar. Koti launched the music.

Speaking on the occasion Ramana Gogula said, “We started this project with lot of doubts. Today is one of my happiest days because we are launching audio. The audio of this movie is wonderful. I changed the way I compose for my movies with Boni.”

Koti said that Ramana Gogula brought new flavor and style to Telugu film industry.

RP Patnaik said, “The recording of this album took place in my studio. And my brother (a sound engineer) asked me to learn how to be dedicated from Ramana Gogula. Ramana Gogula is also doing a detailed work in the background score. He is getting freshness to Telugu film industry with Boni film.”

Chakri said, “Ramana Gogula has shown other music directors a way by becoming a producer. I am sure that he would direct a film in the future. I wish that Boni will become a big hit.”

Lagadapati Sridhar said, “There is freshness in posters and Sumanth is looking amazing. Heroine is charming. Ramana Gogula produced this movie with devotion.”

Anita Sakuru (investor) said, “Raj Pippalla has advertising background, I have marketing background and Ramana Gogula has music background. I asked Raj that Boni should be a landmark film to all the people who are involved with this project. I was given the music CD of this movie two days back and I found two songs to be catchy, but my kid loved all the songs. Going by the kid’s judgment, the songs in this movie are going to rock. I am going to market and promote Boni in new ways.”

Director Raj Pippalla said, “It feels wonderful to see my name as the director in the posters of Boni. Around 8 years back, I used to dream about making a Telugu film when I was working in Minneapolis. DK and Raj - my friends from Minneapolis – have directed a bollywood flick titled 99 which is due for the release in the next month. I am an ardent music lover and there were several instances when I overdrove while listening to music and went late to the office. And it became very convenient to me as my producer also the music director of this movie. We tried a couple of lyricists earlier and none of them could match our expectations and Ramajogaiah Sastri penned all the lyrics with panache. Each song in this movie has a different hue. I am extremely excited about the music of this movie.”

Sumanth said, “Boni is a hatke film. I loved the ambiance of this music launch. It is a cool venue in this hot summer. I would like to thank all the unit members. It’s been one and half years since my earlier film was released. All my money is getting over. I should sign more films and make money (giggles)”

Kriti said, “I loved the music of Boni. I would like to thank assistant directors who helped me with my lines and rehearsals. It is like a dream come true to have such a best debut. I got whatever I have asked for.”

Mrs Ramana Gogula (Nicky) said, “Ramana Gogula always put me on spot since the day I married him. I enjoyed working for Boni. I styled the cloths for Sumanth and Kriti.”

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