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October 15, 2008


“Praja Ankita Yatra” of Praja Rajyam Party president Chiranjeevi today passed through various towns and villages in Visakhapatnam district. En route, Chiru received thumping welcome from thousands and thousands of people, who greeted him cheerily. Following is the text of Chiru’s speech at various junctions:

At Ravikamatam:

PRP alone will bring social justice
“My heart throbs pleasantly as I receive your roaring welcome. But, my stomach aches as I see you languishing in poverty. How much poverty is here! We think that it is our Karma. We are getting adjusted to such thinking. This is not our karma, but our innocence. All these years, our leaders took advantage of our innocence and made us bereft of even minimum decent living standards. But, we are not blaming anyone. We are just living our miserable lives taking it as our karma. It is said that God comes to the rescue of those who have no direction. Now, let us come to the rescue of ourselves. Let us organize our Praja Rajyam. Let us realize our rights. We are going to change our lives. We are responsible for our own change. Let us not believe any cock and bull stories from anyone. We shall elect the people who will really serve us. Then only we will have good living standards. Our conditions will change. Praja Rajyam took its birth from your wish for it. This party will fulfill our goals and bring the governance which we like the best. What all you should do is this. You should be very careful. You have to exercise your vote voluntarily. You are responsible for the victory of Praja Rajyam.”

You know my integrity better than me. Some people in power are asking me about the details of my assets. Don’t they know that my assets are none other than the people, you. One minister asks me as to how much IT would I be paying. I don’t have any assets that I amassed illegally. I am paying a lion share of IT from my earnings, promptly and at the right time. They are in power. They should know all this details. They should introspect about this. If they have clean self, they should come out with details of the time when they came to power and how much they had earned during their tenure. Your big support to me also shows my clean heart.

Pedaboddepalli Junction

Goodness and humanism will travel with us
I don’t say that I will do this and that. I will do them concretely and show. I started this yatra, saying that my life is dedicated to people. I came here to be your servant. Those who join the PRP with traits of goodness and humanism alone will travel with it. Those who intend harm to the people will not be with us. People are the kings in Praja Rajyam. People are the administrators. We will abide by their decisions and extend the clean governance.

Chettupalli (near Narsipatnam)

Time for people to change
There is patnam in the town’s name, but not in its development. Chettupalli still remains to be a gram panchayat. If only the governments have sincerity, is development not possible here? The fault is not with them. But with us…because, we have elected them. They are governing us because we voted them. This should change. At least we should change now. We want governments that actually would love the people. They should believe that the ultimate goal is to serve people. Those who show interest in social service, they alone should come to power. Chiranjeevi came to you, because you repeatedly wanted him to come before you. I came here to bring you the minimum happy life as a token of your gesture for me. I earnestly like to serve you. All these years you treated me as your family member. That’s why I want to do something to you. I want to repay your love and affection, at least in some iota. All your desires are very small. None should exploit your hard work. I will be your vigilant servant. Minimum secured life is sufficed to you. I will give that to you. I will be the torchbearer for people’s service.


Wait, Praja Rajyam coming to your doorstep
So many problems are with them. Whomever I tickle, they come out with problems that break the hearts. Nobody is getting justice. Nobody has peace of mind. Just they are living because they have to live. Agandamma... (Please wait). For some more months. Praja Rajyam is coming. The government which will solve our difficulties will come. The good days wherein people will become the administrators and administers themselves are coming. The problems of farmers, who provide food to one and all, will be solved. The fertilizers will be provided to the farmers in time. Quality seeds will come to your doorstep. You are going to sell your produce at the rates decided by you. Praja Rajyam will make your dreams come true. I appeal to you all that it’s the Praja Rajyam Party alone which has the transparency for extending clean governance. Social justice to all sections of the people is the agenda in our party.

I don’t cheat, I can’t cheat
I don’t change my attire. I don’t cheat anyone. I can’t even do that. We hear that gods and goddess do sojourn at this evening hour. I do promise on them. I came here just to serve you. I came here on your call. All these days, I was in your hearts as an actor. Now, I came before you to impress you with my service. I am touring village after village seeking your blessings. I am going ahead just because of you. It is for your welfare. I will come to you with the life that you have dreamt of. I will the Praja Rajyam to your houses and will bring smiles on your faces. Please send me with your wholehearted cooperation. Till the time of our Praja Rajyam’s arrival, don’t get cheated by anyone. God is with us. He will do well to all of us who want to do well to others. Neither you nor I will get cheated. All these words I tell you not because of getting power. I am not able to tolerate your difficulties. I want to make the smile on your faces permanent.

Woes of Bauxite victims
Addressing the victims of Bauxite areas, Chiru asked some of them to come to mount his convoy and explain their agony. Several of them sought Chiranjeevi to see that justice was brought to them.

One G. Sattibabu from Dharmavaram said: “Our lands are taken away. They promised us money and jobs. But we got neither money nor jobs. They are not even allowing us to set our foot on our own lands.”

Another farmer Nookaraju said: “All of our family has a land of 50 cents. That too is being knocked away by the government. So many people are like me who have lands below one acre. All our small lands were taken away. We don’t have livelihood now. When we ask the officials to provide us food for work, they are caring for appeals.”

Government no savior but butcher
Responding to them, Chiru said: “Our lands are being grabbed away. Our rights also are trampled. When we question this, we are physically attacked. A company named Rasal Khaima has come here and doing our lives Khaima (to bits and pieces) and eating them. Instead of saving our lives, the government is handing over to the company, our lives. Even landlords will have mercy on people who are worth just one acre. It moves me to the core. Why the government is so merciless to you. After coming to power, Praja Rajyam will not tolerate all this injustice. Even now, we are going to question the government about the blatant injustice to the victims of Bauxite areas.”

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