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Chiranjeevi Telangana Tour - Day 4 - Karim Nagar
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Karim Nagar
November 2, 2008


The 4th day of Chiranjeevi’s Telangana tour started with Visiting Karim Nagar.

Addressing the people of Karim Nagar, Chiranjeevi said, “I am delighted at the purity in your heart while welcoming me. You are looking at me as your future prospect. I am dedicating my life to you all through this tour. Though there were hike the commodity prices, the common man never suffered because of it. But the situation has gone worse now with the prices of commodities going to out of reach. The government and the officials failed in controlling the prices and inflation.”

He also added, “The requirements of common man are minimal. The common man does not demand luxurious lives like the politicians who rule them. But the government is turning a blind eye to it. But the people are looking for a change. They are looking for government officials who do not demand bribes. They are looking for Praja Rajyam.”

Chiranjeevi said, "There is no security to the minorities. There is no proper representation to the people in Parliament and Assembly. The government is giving 100’s of acres to big industrialists. But it is not willing to donate 10 acres of land for a Mosque. Praja Rajyam will help the Muslim community. I promise a Mosque in every town and village from the Government if Praja Rajyam gets elected. I am delighted the way Hindus and Muslims live like brothers in Karim Nagar. I am extremely happy looking at youth coming to my tour in Telangana. Please give a chance to my dedication and my clear conscience”"

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