Quirky Characters of THANU NENU
Murthy Kavali as Waiter Srinu
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20 November 2015

“SRINU THE WAITER” in Thanu Nenu movie

“Balakrishna fan ni Chiranjeevi ante kaaladha….
Flute Jinka Mundu oodu… Simham mundu kaadu”

Yes, Srinu is the Balakrishna fan in the film. Coming from coastal Andhra, Srinu is constantly looking at opportunities in various forms of being a waiter. And he keeps bumping into the hero creating hilarious situations.

In the story of “Thanu Nenu”… Srinu the waiter plays a triple role!!!

Introducing Murthy Kavali as Srinu the waiter.

Murthy Kavali is again a software engineer, but in a product company. Founder of the famous short film production company, Amalapuram Productions, Murthy Kavali is out to reform the world to turn vegetarian and currently fighting a battle to convert his non-veg loving family into vegetarians!!!.


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