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Interview with Gowri Mumjal

One look at her and we can guess what role she suits the best, a bubbly college student. She will soon be seen opposite Allu Arjun in his latest film Bunny. We are talking about Gowri Munjal. Who is making her debut in Telugu films and is very enthusiastic about her role and the film. Sporting a very simple look in casual jeans and a spaghetti top, she is confident and calm while giving her interview. She was enthusiastic to know about Idlebrain before the interview.

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She started of by talking about her family background and how she got into acting. "I am from a business family in Delhi, when I was doing my first year Bachelors in Commerce I won a beauty pageant, which was titled Miss Delhi University. The best part was that Jackie Shroff, Satish Kaushik were the judges along with other people like CEOs of various cosmetic companies. That is how the whole thing of acting came into my life," says she with a charismatic smile.

When asked about how she landed with a Telugu film she said, "It all happened so fast that it was hard to believe. I moved to Mumbai to make a career in films, and then someone told me that the producers of Bunny were looking for a new face and when I met them it worked out immediately. One day I was talking to them about the film and the next day I was here to start shooting." And then there are more smiles. Her experience of acting in a Telugu film? "Well Telugu was not a hard language to learn, now I can understand what everyone around me is talking. The whole thing about this place is nice; everyone is so kind and caring. I never felt like this was my first time and that this was an alien language. The whole team on the sets was very helpful," never loosing her trademark smile.

True to her nature she plays a bubbly and chirpy kind of college girl in the film. "My character has all the characteristics of a typical college girl. I am at the same time a very stubborn girl who always tries to get what she wants and she falls in love with the hero. That is about it," explains Gowri with a glitter in her eye. She further adds, "My co-star Allu Arjun has been very helpful in my acting. As Telugu is a new language to me he has helped me throughout the film explaining what everything means and how the scene goes."

Taking a dig at the current trend prevalent in the film industry she says, "I am against all those skin show flicks that are being hyped today. There should be glamour in the films but not outright vulgarity. I would like to do films that my whole family and any other family can watch together. No sneaking away or peeking sons." Her future plans, "I would definitely like to continue working here. But currently I am also doing a Kannada film with Puneet Rajkumar and director Veerashankar. But my future projects depends on the acceptance of the audience."

Gowri comes out with her experience working with director V V Vinayak, "My director has been very helpful with regards to my acting. He has been very patient and has always kept in his mind that this is my first venture and that I need help. He never got angry when I used to mess up my scenes. I would love to work again with him if I am given an opportunity."

Her favorite star is Chiranjeevi and she says, "I have recently watched his film Shankardada MBBS, and have also watched his earlier Hindi films. I also saw his movie Pratibandh with Juhi Chawla, but when I met him personally I was swept off my feat. He is a very sweet person." On choosing a Telugu movie to others in Hindi, "I was given offers in Hindi but I was not interested in them as people here are very professional and Hindi movies have certain conditions that one has to comply to. I liked the story and the character from this movie and I convinced my family that this was a project that I wanted to be a part of. A full length clean character."

The incident of Shakti Kapoor, "Well for one thing an actor should not carry his onscreen image off screen. Once the shooting is over the character should be left behind and the person should come out." Her inspirations in the industry, "I have heard a lot about Soundarya and would like to carry a image like hers in the industry and my all time favorite films are Hum Apke Hain Kaun, Dilwale Dulhaniya Lejayenge and Maine Pyar Kiya."

Gowri has no qualms about revealing her age, "I am nineteen." And her strengths are, "Definitely acting, if it was not for acting I would not be here. I would never take up roles that demand that the size of my clothes keep decreasing." She has not faced any embarrassment during her shooting and she made up her mind by the end of the first schedule.

"The producer Allu Arvind has been very kind towards me and has been thoroughly professional. He takes care of everything, and is very comfortable to work with. Even Satyanarayana Reddy the other producer is very quite and most of the time smiles at me," says she.

So she wants to do glamorous roles that can be watched by a whole family. And female oriented roles are also what she would be looking at in the future. As long as she is in the industry she wants to do roles that give her satisfactions. With that she ends the interview and returns back to her room to rest for the day.

Interview by Aditya

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