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November 11, 2008

anish kuruvilla

Anish Kuruvilla - a protege of Sekhar Kammula - is making his debut as a director with Avakai Biryani film. This film is releasing in USA on 13 November and in India on 14 November. Anish Kuruvilla visited the studio to chat with the visitors of on 11 November 2008 night at 9:00 PM IST. The chat room was full. We are presenting you with the transcript -

desibuzz Anish, when did u had this idea about becoming a director?.. did u learn that from Sekhar right when he made his Dollar Dreams?
anish-director hi desibuzz, yes i learnt everything abt filmmaking from him, but i started working with manisankar and then later nagesh kukunoor
unbeatable where are you from.
anish-director i am from hyd, born and brought up here only
bobby_imi Is It A Rural Backdrop Love Story ?
anish-director yes its a rural backdrop bobby, sweet simple movie
unbeatable is Ab releasing in bangalore?
anish-director yes it will rls in bnglr ubteable
Naveen_SG What made to write Ab script ..
anish-director Ab was an idea thats been with me since godavari, i finally sat down to write it after happy days
bobby_imi What's The Biryani Thing In The Rural Backdrop Love Story ?????
anish-director biryani is a surprise
deepti_mi Howmany prints the film is releasing with
anish-director small release just 30prints
Naveen_SG How did u meet sekhar//
anish-director yes we just met during Dollar Dreams
King_Kalyan What are the main characters in Avakayi Biryani, apart from both the leads???
anish-director other characters in Ab include newcomers, Praneeth, Durgesh and Varun
anish-director also Rao Ramesh has a special role in the film
ashwin_1107 what is the Usp of the movie that would draw people to this movie ??
anish-director the Usp is that Ab is a Small Film with a Big Heart.
desibuzz about Ab... I liked all the songs...( melody always last long.. ) i've been hearing it all day , in my ipod, at Gym, at home.. in laptop...,...i am jus a crazy guy who loves good music.. applaud's to Manikanth Kadri
anish-director manikanth kadri is a fantastic find, i am really proud of him
ram-sriram anish who is ur fav director?
anish-director my fav director, Ang Lee
Maruthi whts ur fav movie
anish-director Masoom by Sekhar Kapur
King_Kalyan What set of audience are you aiming at, with Avakayi Biryani???
anish-director all families and youth
nav07 Anish--wats ur heartthrob other than movies
anish-director nav i love travelling
king12 did u take any coaching from any film institute ?
anish-director i learnt all my filmmaking on the job
King_Kalyan Any inspirations for Avakayi Biryani???
anish-director aspirations? i want people to like it
desibuzz we know we saw Kamal in Godavari and Cofm..... why did u chose him?
anish-director Kamal is a very hard working and committed actor, he sacrificed a lot physically and emotionally for the film
deepti_mi i wonder who wriote songs
anish-director songs were written by Vanamaali, great writing from him
naveenm Hi Anish -- I am your fan from Dollar Dreamz..why have not prefered to act in movies -- don't u like acting, only directing??
anish-director i am not comfortable acting
sun Manikanth's music is fabulous. What in him and his music prompted you to work with him?
anish-director manikanth, he just understood the mood of the film right away, the first tune he gave me was mamidi komma, and i knew he was the right choice
kiran8686 hiiii anish who is your favourite Hero
anish-director my fav hero, hmm....tough one, maybe al pacino
chandualone_ what is u r expectations on th movie.....!
anish-director i am sure its a good movie, lets hope its also successful
sun So Anish, here I go again, not to open a can of worms or anything ---- The alleged inspiration for Veerudena from Calbait's Bubbly is a bit disappointing. Did you ask Manikanth to give you such a song?
anish-director sun>> Calbaits song Bubbly huh, hmmm..... :)
sun you chose to skip answering it? ;) anish
anish-director ask me something else sun :)
chandualone_ how did u convince shekar for producing the film
anish-director i think the script convinced him chanulone
sun Anish --- Having condemned the star system in your confessions movie, would you be open to work with a star in your future movies? If so which star?
anish-director i will work with stars, i have no problems with anyone
king12 please tell me i want to be a director , which one is good by studying in any university, or by joining asst.dirctor ?
anish-director try going to film school king
HarinathaReddy who has made the first trailer for idlebrain..any one from amigos?
anish-director My editor Boyina did it. i feel proud of the film
HarinathaReddy any negative characters in the movie?
anish-director yes there are -ve characters in the movie
King_Kalyan Any advice for director wannables???
anish-director King keep the passion alive man
king12 about movie
anish-director I didnt want to say much abt the movie before release...i can talk more abt it when it comes out
vaish hey what about aspring actors???
anish-director aspiring actors can always mail their pics to [email protected]
Premchand Wat are ur future plans?? Will u still work as assistant director to sekar?
anish-director i will always assist sekhar on his movies
sun Anish --- Which song was the most difficult to picturize?
anish-director i think Nannu Chupagala was tough
HarinathaReddy which song is best picturized
anish-director Nannu Chupagala
chaitu007 what is your faviourite song in movie
anish-director my fav song is Nannu Chupagala
pokiri Anish - Can you ask jeevi to write the review even though he thinks it deservers less than 3 rating
anish-director yes i will ask him pokiri
vaish Are You Thinking Of Talking A Telugu Girl For Your Next Movie Too???
anish-director i will always prefer girls who are telugu
sun Anish ---- Is Bindu Madhavi dubbing for herself or is Sunitha or someone else dubbing for her?
anish-director no sunitha, bindu has a slightly high pitched voice
sun then what is the point in going for telugu heroines?
anish-director thats a great question for which i still dont have an answer, i will think abt it sun.....
RaviKReddY anish..! director kakapoyi vunte.. nuv em iyye vadivi?
anish-director i would have been an assistant director ravi
srinu494 what's u r opion on shekhar kammula?
anish-director sekhar is a great guy, i have learnt a lot from him, i am really lucky
RaviKReddY if tollywood didnt happen to u..! then..? ur edu.. job..? wat abt dat stuff?
anish-director I wanted to be a pilot, then docter, then Ias, even wanted to join the army...
chaitu007 what is your mother tongue
anish-director my mother toungue is malayalam
kdeekonda Anish-wat r ur prospects about this movie, not as a director..but from the audience stand point?
anish-director deekonda i think audiences will fell good, watching a film which is emotional, noble and very honest
HarinathaReddy where did u and sekhar meet
anish-director i met sekhar at a common friends place
RaviKReddY ya.. how about comedy? any special comedy actors or.. story itself is hero here??
anish-director no comedy characters ravi, just storytelling
sun Anish -- Do you read Ayn Rand?
anish-director i dont read Ayn Rand
desibuzz I heard from Bindu that the movie was directed (most part ) in Nizambad?... any reason for choosing that place?
anish-director desi we shot in vikarabad, we wanted new locations
RaviKReddY how much Glamour Quotient is there in Ab??
anish-director glamour is in the story ravi
King_Kalyan Will it be similar to Malgudi days???
anish-director the feel might be like Malgudi Days i think....some of it atleast
avin009 is there any romantic scenes ????
anish-director lot of romance avin
King_Kalyan Have you prepared the script of Ab based on the plot or based on characters??
anish-director king i just wrote a story, plot and characters fell into place
Junglee how long is the movie?
anish-director movie runtime 2hours and 20min
sun Anish -- Franky, Kamal looked stiff and wooden in Godavari and I'm very curious to see what kinda performance you've extracted from him and your debut 'telugu' heroine. Good luck to you and your team.
anish-director you will see a totally new kamal in this....
king12 how is u r journey?
anish-director its been an interesting journey king
jagan_indian9 Hey and one more thing, please convey my wishes to Kamal. I have been watching him too since long. And Anish, I am eagerly waiting for this movie to be released here in Chicago on Thursday. I missed the distribution :(
anish-director sorry abt that jagan
avin009 i think in this mve kamal acted as auto driver ... why u choosen kamal as a hero ???
anish-director you will see why i choose him when you see the movie avin, he did a very good job
King_Kalyan What do u think are your strengths/weaknesses as a director??
anish-director i cant analyze my strenghts, my weakness are too many to mention
m.avinash what made u think dat bindu suits her role in the movie??
anish-director when i saw her pictures i saw my character come alive right away
m.avinash can we expect typical sekhar kammula style in the movie anish??
anish-director no avinash it wont be like a typical sk movie, i think it will be very different
kumarusa Hi Anish, Before making Ab, dod you try to analyze why all the recent movies are turning Huge Flops, and have you taken anything into consideration?
anish-director no kumarusa, i dont spend so much time thinking
SriHere What do you do to visualize any scene before shooting?
anish-director its all in my head sir here
ram-sriram are u a book-worm?
anish-director i love books ram
vaish **does The Heroine Have To Be Really Good Audtions Tho She Doesnt Have An Expirence In The Field???**
anish-director vaish bindu was naturally talented
RaviKReddY can u tell us.. one aspect.. in which it is totally different from Sk's typical romantic love stories......
anish-director ravi lot of things abt Ab is different from Sekhars, you will see for yourself
jagan_indian9 Anish, any plans to make movies with so called stars?
anish-director i dont mind working with anyone jagan
vaishu Hello sir, ur performance in Anand is superb. Ur character is casual and we felt as if character is very familiar to us. We expected u in godavari and happy days. It seems now u are directing Avakaya biryanni. All the best sir. Apart from directing...... please do some character roles. I don't know
anish-director thanks vaishu
Saradhi Anish.. the songs are very good & melodious but sound too classy for a village backdrop... what can we expect reg. the picturization.. are they in background...?
anish-director yes most songs are montages saradhi
bhanu1443 anish did you act in your Ab?
anish-director no i didnt bhanu
kumarusa Hi Anish, the role of heroine is Picke Seller, but we r not getting that feeling the promos. She is nicely dressed like a city girl..but does not resemble a pickle seller in village. Please correct me if I get it wrong...
anish-director see the new promos kumar
satish.kasetty hey anish satish here("hope" film Director}. just thought i should wish you all the best .
anish-director thanks a lot Satish
RaviKReddY what is the budget of Ab??
anish-director budget, cant divulge them now
bhanu1443 are you also executive producer of Ab like earlier films anish?
anish-director no i didnt do any production work
sravan long wait i guess, 8 years :)
anish-director long wait, i dont think of it like a wait, i was always learning
Raj_Jagan Hi Anish...may i know how many days u've shoot for this movie??
anish-director 85days shooting
king12 why did u choose this story ? this has a any special ? where did u shoot this movie ?
anish-director king your question can only be answered by watching the movie, i cant write it down
kumarusa Which telugu accent you chose for heroine and hero?
anish-director normal andhra accent
m.avinash the title of the movie seems to be interesting..whose idea was dat Anish??
anish-director my idea avinash
RaviKReddY vikarabad annaru... telangana accent vundali kada..!
anish-director see the movie ravi
Raj_Jagan Thanks often did u improvise scenes on sets?? or did u stick to ur script completely?
anish-director not too often raj, most is scripted and rehearsed
king12 do u have any ambition like "i want to direct some hero, heroine, some thing else ?
anish-director no king12
darkman Ok then...another indirect a much budget u think is enough/necessary to produce a movie without stars but with good technical standards??
anish-director darkman atleast 1 crore
darkman it possible with 1c..i heard it is min 3c now
anish-director where there is a will there is a way darkman
sravan what`s ur next project ??? any idea ...
anish-director no ideas sravan
Arjun Anish you acted in Dollar Dreams ..rite? Hero avuthavu anukunna ..director ayyavu :)
anish-director thats fate arjun, i am happy abt that :)
chaitu007 did shekar watch the movie?
anish-director yes he did chaitu
chaitu007 what is shekars feed back
anish-director sekhar liked it :)
m.avinash Anish how old r u??
anish-director i am 31
bhanu1443 then i think movie will be a bigbig big hit not because of shekhar but because of my confidence on you anish you rock
anish-director i know the movie is being noticed cus of sekhar and i am really thankful abt that
vjkumar Anish... why were u so depressed with Godavari... were u expecting that to be a blockbuster or what??
anish-director i guess i was vjkumar
sravan anish, will u work for happy days hindi version with sekhar ;) ?
anish-director yes i will srava
sid_janga when you developed the characters for this movie, did you base solely on the core subject or did you add any characters for maintaining the length of the movie, to include comedy element, to include nativity.
anish-director thanks thats a great attitude jagan
seven wat r ur fav books anish
anish-director fav book, man i cant thnk of one
bhanu1443 anish can we expect comedy in this or a slow romantic movie :)
anish-director bhanu its a romantic drama
seven then ur fav author???????
anish-director i love nid blyton
sid_janga any real life inspirations that you had for the movie
anish-director own life to some extent
sravan author of famous five series i guess ;)
anish-director yes
Rock_Star Do u prefer directing a new comer or a star?
anish-director when i direct a star, will know that rock
RaviKReddY what is your favourite movie(hollywood) anish ????
anish-director fav hollywood movie, E.t
m.avinash whoz ur favorite hollywood director??
anish-director woody allen
bhanu1443 anish what is the usp of the film why should audience come and watch Ab?
anish-director bhanu, if audiences want good, clean, noble, honest, well intentioned cinema, then Ab is the one
desibuzz We'll watch it in Detroit.. u have any plans of making it to the premier there?
anish-director no plans of a Us trip right now
moviebuff I want you to come to Us for the 50 Days of Ab
anish-director thanks movie buff, will try
King_Kalyan What kind of movies do u like watching??? and what kind of movies do u like to direct???
anish-director king thats a tough questions
sid_janga how long did you work on the script
anish-director i worked on the script for over a year
sravan anish, given a chance, who would u like to Gift ur Ab for ???
anish-director my parents sravan
RKR All The Best Anish. I Wish You All Success. People Like You Should Enter The Industry And Succeed For The Industry To Survive. All The Best For Giving Us Something Different That The Boring Routine Stuff.
anish-director thanks Rkr
Rock_Star Did u aspire to become actor or director in the beginning?
anish-director always wanted to be a director rock start
RaviKReddY where do u stay in hyderabad?????
anish-director tarnaka
anish-director i am sorry i havent been able to answer your questions.....
anish-director but i am convinced you will all know me a little better after Ab
anish-director please go watch Ab on the 14th of Nov
anish-director its a small movie with a big heart
anish-director alright guys, bye for now

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