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ANR Award presented to Anjali Devi
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January 14, 2008

Anjali Devi was given the Akkineni International award at a function arranged in Ravindra Bharati, Hyderabad on the night of 13 January. Chief Minister YSR handed over this award. T Subbirami Reddy presided over this event. Ramadevi (Karnataka ex governor), Venkat Akkineni, Nagarjuna Akkineni, Sumanth, Dev, Naga Chaitanya attended this function.

Speaking on the occasion ANR said, “Anjali Devi calls me hero and I call her ‘Ammai’. She did many roles in my films as heroine, lover, vadina and mother. I feel honored to honor such a complete actress. Akkineni Foundation started many social services from this year. I am confident that my next generations would continue the initiative started by our trust.”

Anjali Devi responded by saying, “I was given many awards. But I find ANR award to be the most memorable and prestigious award. ANR was my neighbor in Chennai and I am close to the kids of ANR. My husband also has a share in the honor I am getting. He is 80 year old now. Its been 60 years since I entered into film industry. I made my debut in film industry on 13 January and I am getting this award too on the same date.”

YSR said, “ANR is a living legend. I used to watch films 30 years back and ANR - Anjali combination films are my favorites. I don’t watch films anymore. I should appreciate ANR for starting a foundation to honor the deserving people of Indian film industry.”

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