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For film buffs, verily

Hey, do you know that Chiranjeevi's latest blockbuster, Indra, is said to have been sold in the domestic market at an astronomical sum of Rs. 17 crores, which incidentally is at least four-crore more than what Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Devdas was sold. Chiru's son, Ram Charan, is getting ready to be launched as the hero soon.

Director Teja is said to be planning a movie with Nagarjuna and Rekha. Nagarjuna's present film Manmadhudu is loosely based on Mel Gibson's howlarious `What Women Want'. Pawan Kalyan's Johnny, being shot in utmost secrecy from dusk to dawn, has four songs and is slated for release next year only.

If your eyebrows have not arched yet, it simply means you are not a film buff unlike the millions of countrymen obsessed with motion pictures. In a land producing the highest number of movies, anything about movies is news.

Specialised magazines dedicated to movies are a hit and after the onset of the Net, there have been dime a dozen film websites. The most happening among them these days has been `'. And, the above nuggets of information are those found in the gossip page of the site read with great interest by film buffs.

Though the site is predominantly anything and everything about the happenings in the Telugu film industry, it also has news -- views about Bollywood and Hollywood as well. Contrary to its address -- -- lot of thinking has apparently gone into the design. The website is not only colourful, but also has several attractive features.

In `My movie' you are free to review the latest film on the Telugu circuit. Indra is the movie this time and an inveterate Chiru fan had praised the movie sky high. "A stunning masterpiece... enough heart and soul to balance the extravagant sets... three hours of non-stop thrills...'' and so on -- must be music to the megastar.

Telugu film releases in the United States, shooting schedules, exclusive trailers - ``they appear before you watch on local channels'' -- music reviews along with sneak previews, movie sites, posters, DVD store, games, top five movies of the week, chat room and a lot of other interesting trivia can be accessed and downloaded.

Movie freaks can write an `open letter' to the `[email protected]' on their views on the present trends as well. Another section certain to catch the eye is the `scoops' in the industry. Good fun, for sure. Check it out.

By Geetanath V.

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