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Interview with Smita
Date: May 22, 2008, Hyderabad
Sonal Chauhan

Smita, fondly known as Hai Rabba girl is back with a bang and this time with her new album named after her. Hero Nagarjuna recently launched her new album Smita and she is all excited with the good reviews. Smita, who hails from Vijayawada was first spotted at the singing reality show Paaduta Teeyaga on ETV and there was no looking back her after that. As a teenager she launched her first album Hai Rabba and thus earned the name of being first pop singer in Telugu. Her other albums include Masaka Masaka, Club Mix, Hai Rama etc. After a break of four years, she hit the top charts with the new album. In these four years, Smita got trained herself in various courses in the USA besides playback singing. Her song ‘Evaraina Choosuntara’ from the film Anukokunda Oka Roju fetched her prestigious film fare award. Currently running high on success Smita unravels her future plans in an exclusive interview to

Why did you take a break? And what did you do between 2004 and 2008?
I am not here to make money. I am passionate about singing and performing on the stage. My last album 'Club Mix' was released in the end of 2004. Later on I did stage shows in 2005 and 2006. I went to the USA in October 2006 and got trained for three months in western vocals, gymnastics, martial arts, voice modulation and dances. My USA training opened my mind and expanded my horizons. I got trained by Hollywood technician Bob Cooff in voice modulation. He trained the Friends actors and Salma Hayak. I learnt Jazz/Ballet from Maria. Alicia Silverstone was my classmate during that time. Tim taught me martial arts. After training in USA I could see the bigger picture.

You have become slim. What did you do?
It was all natural and I don’t have an obsession for zero size. There is no needle mark on my body. I gained a few pounds in my USA trip. I have taken weight reduction serious and lost over 13 kilos in a span of a year. I could have lost weight in months if I had used artificial way. I used to workout 3-4 hours day for the last one year. Now my weight is 50 kgs.

How did Smita album happen?
Bosco (of Bosco Caesar) is a good friend of mine. We roped in Vishal Sekhar to compose music for my album around 3 years back. He composed a couple of songs for me. Then he was flooded with Bollywood offers and he used to give priority to films. The 'Na Lada' tune of Tashan film was scored for my music album first. He could score only 2 songs in eight months. I got frustrated and aborted the project. Overnight, I made a decision to go to USA and got trained.

After returning from the USA, Bosco introduced me to Sajid – Wajid. There were the schoolmates of Bosco. We hit off well. I asked for 3 bollywood kind of songs, one western, one folk song etc. They did a great job composing for Smita album. We decided to promote this album aggressively with music videos. Mahive and Aaja Nachle were the popular choices and we made videos on these two songs. We will be making videos on Zara Zara and Ouch soon.

How did you rope in Sony BMG?
We had known them for a few years. We approached them with the video song and they got excited. They are also looking for performing singers in India and my profile interested them. We hardly see any music album where singer is performing these days. Sony BMG said that they would not only promote my album. But they will take me to the next level and plan my career internationally.

Who are your favorite performers?
I would like to take the best from each and every singer and yet retain my own identity. I love the looks and presentation of Beyoncé. I love the energy of Madonna. I like the belly dance aspect of Shakira.

Tell us about the support of your family members?
If I did not have the support of them, I would have remained as just another girl from Vijayawada.

What is your next project?
Right now I am busy with promoting Smita album nationally. My untimate dream is to go international. I want to bring musical theater here one day.

You are producing your own music. Are you not looking at the commercial aspects?
I am a long term player. I can't grow if I compromise now. Money will follow once I become hugely successful.

Do you have any social service orientation?
Yes. I am sponsoring 10 mentally and physically challenged kids in Khammam. I will devote my entire life to social service once I retire. I want to start a foundation and do social service. Richard Gere influenced me a lot with his 'Heroes Project'. I realized how much one could do to the human kind once you become powerful.

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