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Cinema Halls - Sandhya 35mm, Hyderabad

Sandhya 35 MM A/C is one of the best theatres at Andhra Pradesh and was located at RTC X roads, Chikkadapalli Hyderabad. Sandhya 35 MM A/C was founded and inaugurated by M Chandraiah in 1981. Telugu movie 'Tyagaiah' is the first movie that was screened at this theatre.

Founder M Chandraiah
Leased by Avula Sundara Rao
Manager Ramesh

This theatre has the prestigious Dolby Digital Surround Ex sound system installed with excellent sound effects. This theatre has a Xenon lab projection and it is unique of its kind.

Seating Capacity of theatre Class wise (After slab system removal):
Class No of seats Ticket price Gross per show
Balcony 731 35 25585
Dress Circle 109 30 3270
Lower Class 215 10 2150
Total 1055 - Total Gross: Rs 31005/-

Seating Capacity of theatre Class wise (Before slab system removal):
Class No of seats Ticket price Gross per show
Balcony 359 50 17950
Family Circle 336 45 15120
First Class 138 30 4140
Lower Class 147 10 1470
Total 980 - Total Gross: Rs 38680/-


Idlebrain correspondent had a talk with Mr Ramesh manager of the theatre for getting more information about various movies run/collections at Sandhya 35MM A/C.

Chiranjeevi super hit movie Annaiah collected an amazing share of 46 lakhs. K Raghavendra Rao's Pelli sandadi ran for 277 days with record break collections. Balakrishna's first 100 days movie at X roads, Chikkadapalli Hyd was Rowdy Inspector that ran at Sandhya 35MM A/C.

Nagarjuna 100 days movie Santhosham collected a share of 45 lakhs. Pawan Kalyan's Badri ran for 143 days and Tammudu ran for 140 days and collected 43 lakhs and 38 lakhs of share respectively at Sandhya 35 MM A/C

As per Chandraiah of Sandhya group of theatres, prestigious movies Devi Putrudu and Mrigaraju released in Sandhya Group of theatres. These two movies were the much hyped movies during sankranthi season in 2001 and touted to be sold for an astronomical amount of 5 crores each. Surprisingly Balakrishna's sankranthi movie Narasimha Naidu, which was sold for one crore at Nizam area raked 5 crore business, but the much hyped movies Mrigaraju and Deviputrudu incurred a loss of 3 crores each. This incident was an eye opener for the exhibitors and distributors in nizam area as the movie with good story line is always having a better edge over the hyped movies.

Below is the list of Silver Jubilee movies at Sandhya 35MM A/C.

1. Pelli Sandadi -277 days
2. Devatha - 175 days
3. Mandegundelu - 175 days

Below is the list of 100 days movies

1. Magaadu
2. Mechanic Alludu
3. Khaidi Rudraiah (Noon shows)
4. Amaradeepam
5. Priyamayna neeku
6. Eenadu
7. Mutamestri
8. Tammudu
9. Badri
10. Sri Manjunatha
11. Devi
12. Vichitra sodarulu
13. Udayam
14. Annaiah
15. Sravana sandhya
16. Prema khaidi
17. Muddayi
18. Devanthakudu
19. Varasudu
20. Pachani samsaram
21. Aadi dampathulu
22. Rowdy Inspector
23. Subhalekha
24. Ankusam
25. Nirnayam
26. Santhosham
27. Aazaad
28. Itlu sravani subramanyam
29. Dil
30. Bhamanee satyabhamane
31. Pelli pandiri
32. Manasichi chudu

Note: All the above information is provided by the theatre management. There might be missing 100 days movies in the above list. Please feel free to mail us the missing movie info, if you happen to observe.

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