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Press Meet - Happy Days
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August 8, 2007

Amigos Creations Pvt. Ltd spearheaded by Sekhar Kammula is proud to present the cast of Happy Days. The search for new talent in Sekhar’s upcoming film was a massive statewide hunt, resulting in talent scouts setting up base in college campuses across the state, this was in synergy with a search organized on the internet.

Applications came in through post and emails from across the globe. Approximately 20,000 applications in all were screened. short listed and finally, seven lucky candidates were selected. This whole process lasted 4 months from applications-shortlisting-auditions-final selections and contracts.

The cast had to go through an extremely trying audition and photo session process, before they were finally selected. We are proud to introduce the final seven.

1. VARUN SANDESH (interview): He plays Chandu in the movie, a boy next door sort of a character, he is the voice of the film. Varun is a Telugu boy, originally from New Jersey, USA. Varun sent his audition through the web and impressed all with his performance.

2. NIKHIL (interview): He plays Rajesh in the film, a tapori sort of a character full of life and zing. Nikhil originally took part in a reality show contest on T.V. He sent in his application to us separately and was selected for the eclectic energy he possessed.

3. RAAHUL (interview): He plays Tyson. a lovable, warm hearted soul who is always thinking of others. Rahul is from Hyderabad and has always dreamt of acting in the movies. He got casted because of an impressive audition and distinctive diction.

4. VAMSEE KRISHNA (interview): He plays Shankar. A sincere, studious guy, who has fixed goals in life. Vamsi was also a shortlist on a reality show contest. He sent in his application separately and impressed all with his raw talent.

5. GAYATRI RAO (interview): She plays Appu. A energetic tom boyish character. Someone who is not very expressive in her feelings in the film. Gayatri stunned one and all with her audition.

6. MONALI CHOWDHARY (interview): She plays Sangeetha. A rich spoilt girl. Monali is a tall, slender girl who impressed one and all with her glamorous looks and talent. She is also a trained architect.

7. SONIA: She plays Sravanthi. She Plays a senior in college. The object of everyone’s attention. Sonia works in a corporate company and balanced her job with her acting schedule.

The music of Happy Days is composed by Mickey J Meyer. The audio of the film will be released by BIG Music (in about a weeks time) for the first time in Telugu cinema.

Happy days is Sekhar Kammula’s fourth feature film. His films include the national award winning “Dollar Dreams”-99, multiple Nandi award winning “Anand”-04, and last years magnum opus “Godavari”-06. Happy Days marks a return for Sekhar to grassroots filmmaking, working with newcomers and fresh talent, tight.

Press Meet

Sekhar Kammula introduced his actors to the media today evening at a press meet organized in Green Park hotel.

Speaking on the occasion Sekhar Kammula said, “If Anand and Godavari were my daughters, Happy Days is like my son. Making this film was as difficult as raising a son. This film has the backdrop of a college. We have shown the youth in angle in this film. This film will remain as wonderful cinema in the history of Telugu film industry. All the new comers fit their characters like gloves. We shot a part of the film in CBIT from which I graduated. We are going to have a nice tagline for this film. Audio will be launched on either 12th of 14th of this month. Happy Days will be released in the first week of September. Lots of corporate are involved in making in this film. This will start a new trend in film industry. Micky J Meyers composed spectacular music with new flavor in AR Rehman style.”

Here are Sekhar Kammula’s observations on his actors -

Varun Sandesh: He has a brilliant smile. He looks like Siddhardh. He sent my video file by singing a Telugu song in USA.

Nikhil: He is a livewire and the most energetic guy. He is extremely good at dances.

Raahul: He suited the character very well as character needs a guy with little cuteness and pathos mixed together.

Vamsi Krishna: He is a fine actor. He behaves as per the mood of the character in the real life too. He is vary passionate about films.

Gayatri Rao: She is a very active girl. She had a long hair when I met her first. We had to cut it short because she is going to play the role of a tomboy. She was very upset for a couple of days when we cut her hair short.

Sonia: She handed over the shields to the dignitaries in Telugu cinema vajrostavalu function. That is where I spotted her.

Monali Chowdary: She played the role with negative shades. She gave a very good performance.

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