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Interview with Bharat (child actor)
Date: July 10, Hyderabad

During the last four years, this talented boy from Tamilnadu – Bharath – did 35 films. But none of the films thrilled him as the latest Seenu Vytla’s Ready. An 8th class at Shrine Velankanni School in Chennai, 12-year-old Bharath, call him Chitti Naidu hottest, is a diehard fan of studies, but is equally in love with the glamour world. The child prodigy took the philosophy of Kamal Hassan to heart. “How big you may be, see one and all with same outlook.” His role as Chitti Naidu turned out to be a runaway hit with the kids in AP. He also caught the attention of the womenfolk, and comedy lovers in a big way. In a forthcoming film (Nag’s King); he plays the role of a Painter – attached to the role of Srihari. In fact, the boy’s favorite hobby is drawing. So, a real life role on reel life! Bharath had an interesting telephonic conversation with Idlebrain from Chennai.

Tell us how you started your film career?
In school, I used to (still) to take active part in cultural activities. The AVM people happened to watch my performance (monologue) at an event. They introduced me to the small screen. Coming to big screen, it all happened with my debut film in Tamil – Naina. Soon, I had the great opportunity to work with Kamal uncle in Panchatantram. I made my debut in Telugu with Anandamanandamaye. Seenu Vytla uncle saw Panchatantram and liked my performance. So, he brought me here. Later, I worked in a number of films. Memorable were Gudumba Shankar, Venky, Happy, Dhee and Pokiri. In all finished 35 films.

How do you enjoy success of Ready?
Wow! My friends, neighbors, classmates, teachers all watched Ready in Chennai. All of them are calling me – Chittinaidu. I liked it very much. They are thrilled with the contrast. They know I am a brilliant student. But Chittinaidu is a duller. That clicked well. The credit goes to Seenu Vytla uncle. But for him, “yennoda talent vullaye indhurkum.” (My talent would not have come out).

Your experience working with Kamal?
A number of people asked me the same question. Each time, I feel it difficult to express. Kamal uncle was very free with me. All through the shoot, he treated me like a friend. He poured out buckets of encouragement on me and made me feel confident. Here (in Telugu) also, I find big support from all.

Do feel any difficulty on the sets?
Not much. Directors come out with the exact feel and situation they require onscreen. I take it to my heart and put the full energy into the roles given to me. My mom keeps me strong, fills me with self-confidence. My special thanks is to Seenu Vytla uncle who smoked out the real artiste in me.

You dubbed for your roles. Any problem then?
Not at all. I clearly pursue Telugu as my mom hails from AP-Tamilnadu border. When I dub, the studio becomes a shooting location. I get into the character once again. And I behave the same way. My emotions come out the same way. I finish it off. That’s all. Not only dubbing, I don’t have any stage fear. I face camera with ease. These are my strengths.

Doesn’t film shooting affect your studies?
Of course. But, I take all care to compensate the loss of attendance at the school. I study extra hours to fill the gap. So, I didn’t ever feel the difficulty in studies. My teachers are friendly cooperative to me.

What is your ambition?
To become a doctor. But, I have left the matter to my parents. My mom is the best guide. Ebbidi nadakkumo pakkalam (Let us see how it takes shape).

Coming from Tamilnadu, any language problem in Telugu?
Do you see any such sign in me? I am equally at ease in Telugu and Tamil.

Who is your favorite comedian?
I watch everybody, but a special liking for Brahmanandam uncle.

Who is your favorite hero?
Every hero with whom I work.

What is your role in King?
I play the role of a painter, attached to the role done by Srihari uncle. It has all originality compared my real life. I am good at drawing. It’s my hobby.

What is your remuneration? How do you spend it?
I don’t look into that aspect. My mom takes care of it.

Do you have any girl friend?
Yes. Not one. But all in my school, and they love me very much.

Other films?
Udaykiran’s EkaLoveYudu, Adugu and Silambattam (Tamil). Half a dozen in the pipeline.

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