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Chitchat with Krishna Vamsi
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Creative director Krishna Vamsi opened his mouth for the first time for Chakram film after 3 days of release. He tells us how Chakram happened and shared his feelings -

29th March 2005

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Inspiration for the story -
I listened to Jagamnta Kutumba Naadi song during Ninne Pelladatha time (8 years back) when I was has a discourse with Sirivennela. That song haunted me for years. Sirivennela is like a knowledge-spreading Maha Rushi. I learn a lot from the works of Sirivennela. When I saw the film Kal Ho Na Ho a year back, I got immediately connected with 'Jagamanta Kutumbam' song. I also liked the characterizations of heroes in films like Anand (Hindi) and Bawarchi. This story is about the man who lived forever even after he died.

How Chakram happened -
Prabhas met me even before he selected for his debut film Eeswar and expressed his desire to act in my direction. I was hesitant to introduce kids related to film industry as there are expectations built on them by fans and I can't cater to fan's tastes with my style of filmmaking. Prabhas also gave me a VCD and asked me to look for his work in it. He imitated various animals and birds. I particularly liked his action as hen. For a man of such height, aping hen is a hell lot of task. When producers approached me with Prabhas dates, I narrated two stories. One is Chakram and other one is an out and out mass commercial film with Rayalaseema background and cowboy type treatment. Prabhas opted for Chakram film.

Why Chakram -
I feel that three things played a major role in civilization of man. They are fire (agni), chakram and newspaper. Everybody knows how significant fire is. Chakram is used for transpiration. With Chakram man roamed the entire world and discovered many things. Newspaper made communication possible. I wanted the film title to be Chakram. Hence the hero's name in the film is Chakradhar. Hero is a wanderer who spread goodness and humor in this film. Death is the ultimate tragedy. Compared to death, all other problems are minor ones. When one cannot stop the ultimate tragedy of death, why should we bother about petty things? The hero preaches the world that one should not worry about problems and enjoy the life to fullest. One should know the value of life's contentment and cherish it. This film shows the true value of life.

About Prabhas's performance -
When we shoot performance-oriented scenes, we put certain camera angles so as to make actor do not get exposed. We manage in such a way that scene comes out natural. But for Prabhas, I did not employ any of such tactics. His performance is authentic. He can face camera with naked face and give the most difficult performance straight looking into camera. Crowds do not accept when hero cries on the scenes. But I can confidently say that Prabhas is one of very few actors who would carry out tragic performance and make crowds accept it. There are two kinds of artists - born actors and made actors. Prabhas is both born and made actor. Prabhas is an untimate risk taker. He participated in a chase involving 5 Scorpio vehicles. He was very close to ultimate danger in one of the shots of that chase scene.

About music -
I was very impressed by 'endukani' song scored by Chakri in 143 film. Chakri did a wonderful job for this film. He gave tunes to the lyrics of Jagamantha Kutumbam and Chakram songs. For remaining songs, tunes were given first and lyric was written later.

Why did he not show the death scene of hero
There is something called Alankara Sastram in ancient scriptures. It says that we should not show certain things like death and sex directly on the stage. I followed it and made sure that death scene is not shown in the film.

About the negative talk on Chakram -
The first day crowds consist of over enthusiastic film lovers who expect the films the way they imagine. But all my films have been different films. Hence it's common for first day movie crowds to get disappointed. They spread negative talk. But the regular movie goers like this film. It is too early to talk about commercial range of the film. We have to wait for 10 more days to get the real talk. But I am proud of making 'Chakram'. It gave me immense satisfaction.

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