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Interview with Uday Kiran
Date: September 29, 2008, Hyderabad
uday kiran

Finding his film Gunde Jhallumandi as a “strong platform” for his further advancement in Tollywood, hero Uday Kiran gets ready for his immediate next – Ekaloveyudu, set to release this Vijayadasami. The movie, projecting several new comers in the departments of direction, music, cinematography, comes from the banner of senior producer Medikonda Murali Krishna, who delivered an all time blockbuster Narasimha Naidu. “The film directly or indirectly will be an inspiration to those who entertain suicidal thoughts when they fail in love. They will find that by resorting to extreme step, they will not achieve anything. I live for love in this film,” says Uday Kiran. An exclusive interview to

Tell us about the box office result of Gunde Jhallumandi?
The movie provided me a strong platform for my further advancement in the industry. The movie is like a Manasantha Nuvve and Nuvvu Nenu to me. The movie generated immense public response. Its songs also become chartbusters. Directly or indirectly, a number of my well-wishers and fans and general audience who look at me as their own family members are enjoying the film.

What about Ekaloveyudu? What’s the specialty in it for audiences?
KRK told me the subject three years ago. When I wanted to do this project, I met Medikonda Murali Krishna. On hearing the subject, he immediately liked it. There are many kinds of movies – General, commercial, love, story-based, creating new trend each time. Ekaloveyudu is a sort of film with a story on the lines of the 1980s, but with big modern treatment. This is the point of our film. We took special care about the music, which already became a hit. I heard the subject not as an actor but from the audience point of view. With all my experience all these years, I hope I earned some amount of judgment about the story. I earnestly feel it will not fail.

Why should audience watch Ekaloveyudu?
Audiences do watch all kinds of films. If they like, they spread it to their circles. I strongly believe that only mouth publicity plays a major role in the movie success or failure. No one in the film industry could exactly predict the success of failure of a film. Just they can say just like that, because everybody hopes for the best. As of Ekaloveyudu, I hope we touched the tastes of the audience. The film’s hit depends on how best we went nearer to them. With Gunde Jhallumandi becoming a success, already people are expecting something from Ekaloveyudu.

What’s your characterization in the film?
I play a normal guy in the film, a passed graduate. Just like all my films, I have not given any buildup as hero. I always did the roles nearer to real life. Say, brother, son, lover. In this film, there will be extra responsibility on me compared to all my previous films.

How do you justify the title Ekaloveyudu to the film?
It is one hundred percent apt. In Mahabharath, the character of Ekalavya is known for his devotion towards his guru. He kept his word for the guru. He cut his thumb and presented it as dhanam. Here, the hero too holds his promise. He is committed to deliver his word. Highlight is that he can go to any extent to fulfill his commitment. The title is suggestive of both action and love.

Your director said the film is about the hero “living for his love”? Any message to those who get ready for suicide, failing in love?
We generally don’t intend any message to such segment. But the film will be a big inspiration to them. Failing in love, some people commit suicide as they think they achieved nothing while living. Now, I ask them. By committing suicide, what will they be achieving?

Tell us about the love aspect in this film?
There are different kinds of love stories. Ekaloveyudu is the one with lot of depth in love, with great emotion in the feel. There is intensity in this subject. When the hero goes to any extent to achieve his love, you can imagine the emotion involved. I wanted to live in love.

What about the music?
Our music director Anil Krishna scored excellent beats for the film. It is very difficult to get noticed at the very first venture. But, people are talking about the music of Ekaloveyudu. Yes. This is real. As a music director, he passed out successfully. Now, it’s our turn on the screen. We kept in mind both the mass and class elements in music. We achieved it.

Tell us about cinematography?
Luckily, all the cameramen with whom I had worked so far showed me handsome. Even the surroundings are superb. Particularly, we shot the major portion of the film in Ooty. Definitely, we will be giving the audience the best cinematography. Our audiences today care much for this technical aspect also. Ramesh Krishna (cinematographer) did show a distinct flavor, the advancement of the journey (the movie will be enjoyed like a journey), and a particular pattern all through. From lighting to locations, he took extreme care. This will surely enhance our success range.

How about your producer?
Most of us are new comers. New director KRK, new music director Anil Krishna, new photographer Ramesh Krishna. New heroine Kriti Ahuja. This way, everything will be fresh. For achieving this, we need strong support. We found him in Medikonda Muralikrishna garu. Today, producers don’t readily support the new comers. It is almost very difficult to find such people. When you do a film with a technician, definitely you look at his track record. Interestingly, Medikonda garu introduced his son Amarchand as producer for Ekaloveyudu. Above, all we trusted in him; and he trusted us equally.

Do you think KRK brought justice to the film?
See, most times there will be a lot of difference between story heard and story presented on the screen. But, KRK told me the story three years ago. Even now, he holds the freshness. I see exactly the same feel what I felt three years ago. Generally, KRK is a silent man, but he wields great ideas. He is a passionate director.

You saw several debut directors for your films? Whom you think is the best?
All the directors, to that matters technicians and artistes, do put their maximum effort in their first film. They work with zeal, a sense of unknown expansion into creativity. Moreover, the debut director does feel the responsibility more than the seasoned directors. This way, I consider all of them nice, irrespective of the movie’s report.

Do you think a sequel to your film Manasantha Nuvve will click?
I personally feel that sequels do make good only for thrillers and action films. Manasantha Nuvve is like Maro Charitra. You can’t take a sequel to Maro Charitra, but you can remake it. Same is the case with Manasantha Nuvve, I feel.

Your dialogue… Ee Peddavallu Unnaru choodandi… turned into your brand of dialogue delivery. Are there any such memorable dialogues in this film?
Yes. I also hear that this particular dialogue is used when people think of me. They are unique in one’s career. I hope in Ekaloveyudu too, there will be such dialogues. It is for the people to catch such things. When we deliver the words, we do it casually. But, sometimes luck prevails on them; bring a typical style for its hero.

Tell us about your heroine?
Kriti Ahuja. If you observe all my films, my heroine is not a dummy. She holds more or less equal footage on a par with the hero. She becomes a strong point in the story. Here, this girl also enjoyed such privilege.

Are you ready to do guest roles?
Definitely. Some directors also asked me for such roles. And I too gladly accepted. But, somehow, it didn’t happen in any film. But, I would be really happy if such roles could be on the lines a Jagapati Babu in Anthapuram and Karthik in Mouna Ragam.

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