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Chitchat with Sonu Sood
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Sonu Sood who made his debut in Telugu as villain with Ammailu Abbailu would making his come back with much bigger roles in Super and Athadu films. He arranged a press meet at Annapurna studios today. Here are the excerpts of the chitchat -

6th July 2005

Tell us about your background?
I am basically from Bombay. I started my film career with Tamil films. I also acted as villain in Allari Ravi's Ammailu Abbailu. My first Hindi film was Bhagat directed by Sukumar Nair. I played the role of Bhagat in that film. Later on I got tremendous appreciation for my roles in Yuva (Mani Ratnam) and Bose (Shyam Benagal). Then I landed again in Telugu with a vital character in Mahesh Babu's Athadu. Ram Gopal Varma liked my performance in Yuva and recommended me to Nagarjuna to cast in a vital role of Super film.

How does it feel like acting with Nagarjuna?
I went to the first show of Shiva film when I was doing my engineering. I immensely like Nagarjuna's performance. It is like a dream come true for me to act with Nagarjuna. He is a great human being as well.

What homework did you do to play the role of Bhagat in debut film?
My family belongs to Punjab. And Bhagat Singh is a household name for all of us. It was a great opportunity to play the role of Bhagat Singh. Since my mother is a History lecturer, she used to get lots of research material on Bhagat Singh so that it helps me. Sukumar Nair directed this film. At the same time, two more films based on Bhagat Singh were made by high profile Bollywood directors.

What is the story of Super? And tell us about your character.
Super story is about two buddies whose profession is robbery. A few misunderstandings creep in and they become enemies. The rest of the story is all about how these people clear the misunderstandings and become buddies again. I am playing the role of Sonu, who is the friend of Nagarjuna in this film. I am feeling very lucky to play a role that has lots of importance in the film. Sonu is the brother of heroine in this film.

What are your expectations on Super?
The title of the film is Super. Hence the expectations are going to be super. It is a stylized film which was never attempted on Indian screen so far. I have taken rushes of the film and shown it to my filmy friends in Mumbai. There were amazed at the stylishness of this film.

Tell us about your character in Athadu?
I am doing a role that has complex emotions in it. My character has bit of grey shades, at the same time it is a good role. The climax of this film is going to be a highlight. They initially planned it to shoot for 10 days. It took around 29 days to shoot the climax.

What are your future commitments?
I am doing the hero role in a couple films. First film is Siskiyaan with Neha Dhupia as heroine. This film would be releasing in the month of August. The second film is Aashique Banaya Aapne that has Tanushree Dutta as heroine.

Click here for Sonu Sood's photographs from Super film

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