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My Movie - Swades
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14th February 2005
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My Feelings about SWADES

Swades - is about ordinary people, but the movie is extra-ordinary in its own way. It is amazing. It is awesome and it is a master-piece. I am in short of words to describe it's technicality (I don't know if this word exists). Hats off to Ashutosh for his commendable work. . I think the success of the director lies in making the audience feel for the characters and Ashutosh should be given full credit for that. He has given importance to such minute details in the film. Few scenes touch your heart if you had been to a village before. The feel of Landing on your motherland is projected very well.

I am an NRI, and I could see myself in the movie. I could feel the pain in the protagonist's character when he sees a boy selling water for 25 paisa and while hearing the story of a poor weaver who is not able to give a full meal to his kids. I always liked movies with full of flamboyance, attitude, romance, action sequences….!! I can never watch an art movie. If people say it is a national award winning movie, I just think twice to watch it. Say I don't have taste, I don't have the thinking ability, that's up to you. I like to get entertainment, when I go for a movie. But, few movies stay in your heart forever, apart from providing entertainment. They make you think. This is one of such kind.

Some of my friends commented that it was like a documentary and the climax was not practical. I don't think so. If you have a strong determination to go back to your country and good consideration towards your motherland, the climax is practical. It is about belonging to a country and not about visiting a country. But, normal movie lovers might not watch it again and again, since it is an issue based film, a kind of a serious film. But, I can say it is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. I request the people, who are interested in film-direction, to watch this movie. People who study the movies (like me), not just watch them, will have a wonderful time watching this movie.

Songs in the movie are just superb. Eh taara is the best. A.R.Rehman has given wonderful music for this film. Coming to the performances, all the team members have given their best. Gayatri Joshi, although a new comer, did a decent job. Above all, it is Shahrukh Khan who was mesmerizing. He was incredible. People always criticize him for being himself in the movies. I think all those people who say he does not get into the character should see this film. Anyways, it is always with Shahrukh : love him or hate him, just can't ignore him. There is no wonder why people are crazy about him (I am not talking about the exceptions). I would like to thank Ashutosh and his whole team for giving us such a wonderful movie.

An Admirer

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