Quirky Characters of THANU NENU
Avika Gor as Keerthi
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25 November 2015


“Ammayilu oka sari premisthe…Jeevithantham preminchinatteraa”.

This is the core of Keerthi’s character. A very sensitive, emotional and sentimental person and she knows it too!! Don’t they say opposites attract??? And that is exactly what happens in our Thanu Nenu…

The stable character right through film, Keerthi holds her head high and stands up for her love, even if it means confronting her sadistic father.

It is through her love and stability that Kiran learns about true love.

Playing by Avika S Gor.
Sunshine is eternally grateful to Avika for accepting this film against a rank new comer and with a new director and team. Avika got the character with the first narration itself and ensured that even in comedy scenes, she played them within the meter that Keerthi has…of being naïve and sentimental. In her own words, this is her best performance till date…and we completely agree with that… Thanks Avikaji!!


Other quirky characters of Thanu Nenu:
Santosh Sobhan as Kiran
Subbu Chandragiri as 6-pack Pujari
Rohit Varma as Caste feeling Sreekanth

Murthy Kavali as Waiter Srinu
Ravi Babu as Bandireddy Sarweshwara Rao
Satya Krishnan as Bandireddy Bhavani
Abhishek Maharshi as Naresh

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