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Telugu Movie review - Souryam

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Gopichand interview
Siva interview
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Jeevi rating: 3/5
: sibling senti
Bhavya Creations

Cast: Gopichand, Anushka, Poonam Kaur, Ajay, Manoj K Jayan, Krishna Bhagawan, Fish Venkat, Ali, Sarth Kumar, Tanikella Bharani, Raghu Babu

Music: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: Vatri
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Dialogues: Ratnam
Stunts: Ram - Lakshman
Producer: Anand Prasad
Stoy - Screenplay – direction: Siva
Release date
: 25 September 2008



souryam Vijay (Gopichand) goes to Kolkota to pursue his studies and joins a college out there. He has a gang of goons searching frantically about his whereabouts. There he romances with a student Swetha (Anushka) and saves another student Divya (Poonam Kaur). The rest of the story is all about the purpose of Vijay coming to Kolkota and how he resolves the problem.

Artists Performance

souryamGopichand is pretty good in the male lead role. His punch dialogues in conversations with villain are good. He performed with lots of ease. Anushka is looking good in this film with slim body. She has got very good footage in the first half and she is hardly seen in the second half. Poonam Kaur did a pivotal role in the film and she is satisfactory. The villain role is a tailor-made one for Prakash Raj. A fresh Malayalam import Manoj K Jayan did this role convincingly. Ajay did his typical kind of hot-blooded baddie role. Krishna Bhagawan's comedy is very good in a big episode of the film. Fish Venkat makes his presence felt. Ali does another 6-pack comedy after Salute. The small girl who did the flashback role is impressive.

Technical departments

souryamStory – screenplay – direction: Story of the film is laced with strong sister sentiment and a flashback in Basha and Narasimha Naidu style. The story of the film is prepared in typical commercial film format. Direction of the film is good in parts. But the screenplay and narration needs betterment. The director could come up with good mass situations at regular intervals, but he made the climax of the film in clichéd format. The strategy employed by hero in the second half is entertaining. The heroine has nothing to do with the central point of the film. There are also a few double meaning dialogues and censored audio cuts in the film.

souryamOther departments: The songs in the first half are scored well. The background music by Mani Sharma is good. Cinematography by Vetri is adequate. The shots taken for the hero introduction and first fight deserve a mention. Dialogues by AM Ratnam are mostly good. But a couple of dialogues are too lengthy and over dramatic (interval twist dialogue and climax dialogue between siblings). Fights in the film are good. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is alright. Production values are good.

souryamAnalysis: First half of the film is slow though there is a sustained interested about the whereabouts of the hero. Interval twist is good. The second half has the main story. Hero's strategy to offset villain is entertaining. The climax of the film is clichéd. Most of the songs in the film appear as breakers to the narration. The plus points of the film are Gopichand and action episodes. On the flipside, the second half should have been dealt with a gripping screenplay. The voilence in the film is excessive. The film is aimed mainly at the masses and B/C center crowds. The film's commercial success depend on how the crowds embrace the sister sentiment in the film.

Souryam links
Gopichand interview
Siva interview
Music launch
Photo gallery
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