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Chitchat with MRV Prasad
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MRV Prasad is one of the very few net-savvy Telugu film producers. He is a cool and composed man with down-to-earth attitude and a thinking cap on his head. He is also the co-brother of Bala Krishna and is currently producing Allari Pidugu with Bala Krishna as hero. He surprised the IBDB ( discussion board) members by giving explanation on one of the threads. met this cool producer MRV Prasad for chitchat. Here are the excerpts -

8th September 2005

Please tell us about your academic background?
I did my schooling in LPS (Loyola Public School), Guntur. I completed my BS in National College, Bangalore. I did my MBA from Alabama A&M University. After that I returned to India to take over my father's industries in Metals and Minerals. I am basically an industrialist. My association with Bala Krishna (as co-brother) paved way to film production. I established PB Arts and made the films Bala Gopaludu (1989) and Sultan (1999). I am currently producing Allari Pidugu, which is due for the release. I also established another banner called Priyadarshini Pictures to do a small film called 'Repallelo Radha'. I never lost money on films made with Bala Krishna as hero though I lost money in Repallelo Radha.

What does PB Arts denote?
I named it after Priya Darshini (my daughter) and Brahmini (Bala Krishna's daughter).

Initially, you started kind of periodic film with Bala Krishna as hero in the direction of Jayant. Later on the script is changed?
That's right. After we did the muhurat, we came to know that the storyline has similarity with that of Venkatesh's under-production film Subhash Chandrabose. Pauchuri brothers are dialogue writers for both these films. Hence, we avoided making that film to rule of similarity of the subject.

What is the reason behind taking Jayant as director?
He is a good director. On personal front, he is sophisticated man and I like his way of doing things.

Why are you keeping such a low profile for Allari Pidugu?
Basically all the guys working for this film are introverts (except Paruchuri Brothers). Bala Krishna, Myself, Jayant, Mani Sharma, Ajay Vincent are the guys who don't boast about ourselves.

What was the initial reaction after announcing the title Allari Pidugu?
I must say that the feedback is pretty bad. But fans are convinced after the logo and posters are released. I guess it takes time to accept such a soft title for a mass hero.

Keeping such a title would be a deliberate attempt to reduce hype. Is it not?
Yes. If we keep a mass title, my business would be faster. But, it would raise the expectations. I preferred a soft title like Allari Pidugu as it keeps the expectations low. Basically this film is a family drama. I want family crowds to come and watch this film. By keeping a mass title, I might be discouraging family crowds.

What are the other titles considered for this film?
Vaade Veedu (this title is already registered by somebody else), Athmiyudu (this title is too soft) and Allari Pidugu (fixed this one)

What is the film Allari Pidugu about?
It is about the delicate bond between father and son. You got to watch the film to know the rest of the story.

I heard Bala Krishna has taken lot of interest in songs of this film?
It was Bala Krishna's idea to do a remix of Nede Eenade song. That song is immensely liked by everybody now.

Did you have any bad experience about USA distribution (you mentioned the same in IBDB)?
Yes, a distributor from USA has come to me and told me that he would distribute Repallelo Radha in USA and give me the money. I trusted him and gave him a print. After one month of screening it in USA, he said that he lost the print in transit and he would not be paying any money to me. I was hoodwinked by that distributor.

What is your experience about IBDB ( Discussion Board)?
I heard very bad things about it earlier. But when I started visiting it, I was laughing a lot by looking at those posts. Finally, it seduced me to post in it and get involved with fellow IBDB members.

What is your reaction about the frantic fights between Chiranjeevi and Bala Krishna fans in IBDB?
Both Bala Krishna and Chiranjeevi are good friends and share a very healthy relationship. I do not understand why fans fight by mudslinging on these two heroes?

What do you feel about Allari Pidugu?
We succeeded in two aspects. The title is accepted after initial resistance. Audio of this film got positive buzz all over. Now we are waiting for the release of the film.

What about the casting of the film?
In order to bring the freshness, we cast artists like Katrina Kaif, Charmme, Punit Issar, Rahul Dev, Benarjee etc who never worked with Bala Krishna earlier.

What about your future plans?
I would relax for 6 months after release of Allari Pidugu. Then I would think about another project.

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