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Jeevi rating: 3.25/5
: Artistic & Commercial
Banner: SLV Cinemas Banner
Runtime: 156 minutes
Release date
: 30 March, 2023
Theatre watched: Screen 2, Prasads multiplex, Hyderabad

: Nani, Dheekshith Shetty, Keerthy Suresh, Shine Tom Chacko, Samuthirakani, Sai Kumar, Jhansi, Shamna Kasim, Zarina Wahab

Santhosh Narayanan
Sathyan Sooryan ISC
Real Satish
Art Director:
Avinash Kolla
Naveen Nooli
: Prem Rakshith
Story - Screenplay - direction
: Srikanth Odela
Sudhakar Cherukuri


Dharani (Nani), Suri (Deekshith Shetty) and Vennela (Keerthy Suresh) are buddies from their childhood. Dharani loves Vennela, but sacrifices his interest when he comes to know that Suri is in love with her. Dharani and Suri start stealing coal from running wagons for livelihood. Vennela works as an Anganwadi teacher. There is a Silk Bar in the village which is the only source of liquor for the addicted men in the village. Shivanna and Rajanna are step brothers who fight for Sarpanch post in the village and Silk Bar is controlled by whoever wins the Sarpanch post. At this junction, the marriage of Vennela and Suri happens and an unforeseen incident occurs. The rest of the story is about how Dharani does justice.

Artists Performance

Nani: Nani has gone through a complete makeover. He looks terrific as Dharani with rusky looks, unkempt hair/beard. His role in the film has a very good character arc and he has done extremely well on both sides of the spectrum (subtle when needed and over the top when required). His Telangana dialect and dialogue delivery is also excellent. It’s a highly risky decision to do such a character and he comes out in flying colors.

Others: Keerthy Suresh is excellent. The entire film revolves around her character. She is extremely impressive in her unglamorous look. Her dances in a couple of episodes are very entertaining. Deekshith Shetty is a revelation. He is perfect for the vital role of Suri. Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko is magnificent as the villain. He is realistic and subtle, but provides the finest villainy output. Samuthirakani is not utilized properly in the film except for one good scene. Sai Kumar is very good in a vital role. Zarina Wahab is splendid as grandma of Dharani. Jhansi and Shamna Kasim are good in vital roles. All actors played their part well. Though there are a few familiar Jabardasth actors in the film, they are presented in a fresh way.

Story - screenplay - direction: It’s a simple story of friendship, love and revenge set in the early 1980’s. It’s told in the backdrop of politics and caste divide. There is a proper character arc for Dharani. He starts as a coward and ends up as a warrior. Dharani starts off as an alcoholic who only derives courage only after consuming alcohol. At the end, he is the one who burns down the only bar in the village. Silk Bar is also like a character. Much of the first half revolves around the Silk Bar. The debutant director writes detailed characters. Screenplay of the film is good. He introduces characters and twists at the right time. He has also cheated us in the theatrical trailer in order to surprise us on the screen. The caste angle is also dealt in a skillful manner. Coal mines are just taken as backdrop and it doesn’t actively play any role in the film. The way election symbols (finger ring and ear ring) are chosen and propagated (people wearing them in support and the way rings are changed on Silk Smitha painting after a new sarpanch comes to power) is pretty interesting. However, there are few things that lack logic. Police have no power in the village except for saying yes to powerful people. Rajanna wins on the promise that he empowers women by banning alcohol and makes everyone enter the Silk Bar after winning. Director succeeds in getting the emotions right and sets the world of Dasara well. The hero introduction scene of stealing coal, interval episode and climax episode gives cinematic high to the audiences. Director has created conflict scenes between the hero and the villain characters in an impactful way (he does three things which the villain warned him not to do). The director has shown Telangana culture in an authentic way though dialogues and celebrations (jammichettu (state tree) & Bathukamma). Srikanth Odela is here to stay and will do bigger projects successfully in the days to come.

Other departments: Music is excellent. Santosh Narayan scored superb songs for the film. Chamkeela Angilesi song has gone viral through reels before release of the film. It's very good on the screen. Dhoom Dhaam song is a work of art on screen. The silk bar song that comes during opening titles should have been released on youtube prior to the film’s release. Unreleased emotional song is also good. Dialogues in the film are superb and thought-provoking too. Sathyan Sooryan ISC has recreated the dusty world of Dasara in an artistic way through his lens. He is extraordinary with his lighting in night sequences. Avinash Kolla should also get huge credit for art direction. Action sequences composed by Real Satish are exceptional (especially the interval and climax episodes). Choreography by Prem Rakshith is very good (especially Dhoom Dham & Chamkeela Angeelesi). Editing by Naveen Nooli is perfect. Some of the intercuts are fantastic. Production values by the producer Sudhakar Cherukuri are extraordinary.

Analysis: A film is nothing but telling a story with an emotion through visuals and sound. Visuals and sound are perfect in this film. Debutant director Srikanth Odela succeeds in bringing the emotion out. He touches the love, friendship, sacrifice, villainy and caste angle subtly most of the time and brings fiery action out only when required (interval & climax). He has made a film that works on audiences at a subconscious level as he wrote the story and characters which are true to reality. From the message perspective, this film talks about the perils of alcoholism and also about women’s emancipation. At the same time, the same message is conveyed in a commercial format. Nani should be appreciated for taking the risk to pave a way for the next stage in his career. Producer Sudhakar Cherukuri should be highly appreciated for blindly trusting the story and team to spend more money compared to the market of the hero. On the whole, Dasara is a proper commercial film which is made in an artistic format. This film will win both awards and box office rewards. Watch it today!

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