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Prabhas's birthday is on 23rd October. He arranged a small interactive session on 22nd October 2005 on the eve of his birthday. He is pretty unassuming even after delivering a blockbuster like Chatrapati. He speaks very less and do not hype things. One of the journalists jocularly commented that Prabhas uses telegram language while answering questions in interviews. Here are the excerpts of chitchat with Prabhas -

23rd October 2005

How do you feel about your latest blockbuster Chatrapati?
I am very happy. Fans are also very happy right from the morning show of Chatrapati.

Tell us about your experience in Chatrapati film?
Rajamouli first narrated me the first half and I got really excited. He narrated the second half after 3 days. I was thrilled the way interval block shaped up. All the shots leading to interval were shot in succession without any gap and I was strained a lot during the shoot.

I also built the body heavily as I am supposed to talk less and let my body speak.

What compliment did Chiranjeevi give you?
Chiranjeevi watched Chatrapati and said that movie is good. He complimented me that I danced well. Getting a special commendation from Chiranjeevi, who is an ultimate dancer, is a great feeling.

There are differences of opinions in over-dramatization of sentiment scenes in second half?
I am very happy with the second half. In fact, the second half gave universal feel to the film. There is no point in a film where hero kills people from the word go to the climax.

What did you learn from the failure of Chakram?
Not to experiment any more.

Who should be blamed for Chakram failure?
It is everybody's failure. Buyers lost the money heavily.

Would you mind doing another film with Krishna Vamsi?
I will do another film with Krishna Vamsi. He is a terrific director. I learnt a lot about acting while doing Chakram. If I had done well in Chatrapati film, there is some contribution from Krishna Vamsi too as I have become a better actor because of Chakram.

What type of roles you would like to do? Do you want to stick to mass roles?
No. I am willing to do all kinds of roles.

What about the budget of your films. Budget for Chakram and Chatrapati seems to have got escalated a lot?
They do spend money as per the demand of the subject. Personally, I do not like big budgets as there is lot of risk involved.

When are you going to get married?
My big brother is still unmarried. I am not interested in marriage at this point of time.

Will you be in Hyderabad this birthday?
I would be going out of station. I would like to thank all the fans for giving me my best birthday gift - Chatrapati.

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