Mem Famous jeevi review

Mem Famous


Jeevi rating: 2.75/5
: Slice of Life Village Entertainer
Banner: Lahari Films & Chai Bisket Films
Runtime: 150 minutes
Release date
: 26 May, 2023
Theatre watched: Sandhya 70mm, RTC X Roads, Hyderabad

: Sumanth Prabhas, Mani Aegurla, Mourya Chowdary, Saarya, Siri Raasi, Kiran Macha, Anji Mama, Narendra Ravi, Muralidhar Goud, Shiva Nandan, Narendra Ravi

Kalyan Nayak
Shyam Dupati
Production design
: Aravind Muli
: Srujana Adusumilli
Story - Screenplay - direction:
Sumanth Prabhas
Anurag Reddy, Sharath Chandra, Chandru Manoharan


There are three buddies in the village Bandla Narsampalli. They are seens as the most spoiled brats by the entire village. One night, they decide to prove themselves by doing something productive. They realize that there is no tent house in any of the villages nearby. Hence they decide to start this business which requires a capital of 2 lakhs. They borrow money and start it. Something unexpected happens when everything is going well. Rest of the story is about what they do to get over it and prove themselves as useful guys.

Artists Performance

Except for one or two actors, all of the actors in the film are fresh on a big screen. They add a lot of freshness and authenticity to the film. Sumanth Prabhas is very good for a debutant. He has both the qualities of his matinee idol Prabhas. Swag and Purity. He is natural. Mani Aegurla is good in a full length role. Mourya Chowdary’s role is limited to the first half and he does well. Saarya is confident in a role who is head over heels on the hero. Her make-up should have been natural. Siri Raasi suited the role of the heroine. Kiran Macha is confident as a good samaritan. Anji Mama is natural and hilarious. Muralidhar Goud is probably the only known face among the cast. He is excellent. Shiva Nandan is hilarious as lipstick spoiler Lingam. He is basically a theater artist. He has a full-length role and wins your hearts. Narendra Ravi as a photographer is hilarious towards the end.

Story - screenplay - direction: Story of the film is simple. It’s about three wayward youngsters who change their ways to become responsible and productive. Set against the rural backdrop, the debutant director Sumanth Prabhas has succeeded in capturing the innocence and unadulterated bonding among people. Characters are written naturally, though sound amateurish sometimes. There are some heartwarming moments and some entertaining scenes. Climax of the film is simple. I like the way the loan thread is concluded. A simple story with 150 minutes of runtime like this should be either having a tight screenplay and or filled with engaging moments. Director has narrated it in a simplistic way. This style of narration is bound to have mixed reactions. There are audiences who want quick narration and twists. There are audiences who watch the film with an open mind and try to absorb what the director is trying to convey. This movie belongs to the 2nd category.

Other departments: Cinematography by Shyam Dupati is alright. It’s simple. Music by Kalyan Nayak is decent. Galli Chinnadi sung and performed by Goreti Venkanna is a highlight. Art direction by Arvind Muli is okay. Editing by Srujana Adusumilli would have been more crisp. Dialogues are heartfelt. Dialogues written to Anji Mama’s character are inspirational and to Lipstick Spoiler are hilarious. However, the sync sound technique used for this film turned out to be a major drawback. I had been noticing films having the sync sound in Telugu cinema since Johnny days. Audio of none of these films was clear in big cinema halls. I don't know the reason for selecting sync sound. Is it for cost-cutting? Or to give a different experience to audiences? The technical work in this film is very uncinematic. They tried to present it as an indie cinema. Sync sound definitely adds to the woes. Production values of the film are bare-minimal and it shows on the screen.

Analysis: Mem Famous is a simple story made with a simple premise with a rural backdrop. It deals with how a few youngsters make a name for themselves to create employment for themselves when they are thrown into tough situations. It’s nice to see that a young and new director chose a story that’s full of positivity. All the characters are rooted and positive. Even the villain is also treated respectfully by the hero in the climax. It has some entertaining scenes and an uplifting theme. Big drawback of this film is technical values (especially Sync Sound). The visuals should be good enough to give theatrical experience even when you make a film on a low budget. And budget has very little to do with quality of visuals if done by the right people. It’s a slice-of-life village entertainer with good emotions. Director Sumanth Prabhas has a promising future both as an actor and a director. On the whole, Mem Famous is a film with the heart in the right place. Watch it with an open mind.

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