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Vikram - speaks about his film Mazaa and IT raids on his house.

7th November 2005

What is your response on Mazaa Box Office performance?
Mazaa was released on 1st of this month all over southern India except for Kerala. The movie is met with great success. The crowds are thronging to the theaters in spite of heavy rains in Chennai. We achieved what we expected through this film. It is a clean family entertainer meant for family and kids. There is no vulgarity or obscenity in this film. Mazaa is an ideal film for family crowds.

What about the nativity problems in Telugu version?
Everything is in Tamil except for dialogues. The writings on boards, stones and vehicles are in Tamil. We wanted to replace them with Telugu using graphics. But we set the release date as 1st November and we did not get enough time. In Aparichtudu those problems were taken care of as we had lots of time for postproduction.

Movie lovers feel that your character in Mazaa does not have any heroism in it?
That is the purpose of the film. I did not want to be the solo hero. The characters of Pasupathy and Manivannan are as important as that of mine. That is a healthy thing. If you look at the first half, Pasupathy's love episodes are given more importance.

Why do you want to do soft films like Mazaa when people expect mass films from you?
In Tamil, Sivaji used to do class roles and MGR used to do mass roles. At present Rajnikant is doing mass films and Kamal Hassan is doing class films. They do not cross the paths of each other. But I want to break it. I don't want to be labeled either as class hero or as mass hero. I did class films like Sethu, Pithamagan, Kaasi and Anyan. I also did mass films like Dil, Dhool and Saamy. I want to do class and mass films alternatively. It is deliberate attempt to break myself from the shackles of brand image.

Telugu audiences who saw you in variety roles like Siva Putrudu and Aparichitudu expect another different mass character from you in Mazaa. And you have given such a soft film like Mazaa?
To be frank, Aparichitudu turned out to be the villain of Mazaa. But people are enjoying Mazaa once they realize it.

What is your involvement in production of your films?
I am not a kind of guy who just confine to acting department. I chip in my help for other departments like costumes, fights and production as well. It is more like helping than interference.

You were raided by IT people in the last week. Tell us about the details?
It was a routine check-up. I had good time with them. It started at 8 am on that day and ended at 5 pm the next day. When I was a kid, I used to feel that one is big if IT raids on one's house. It is like dream come true. All they found was Rs. 2000/- in my pocket. I feel that filing Income Tax returns is our duty as a citizen. Hence, I had no problems when IT people stormed into my house.

Tell us about your future films?
My next film would be a mass film in Ram Gopal Varma's style. AM Ratnam would produce it. Linguswamy might direct that film. It will have lots of violence. After that I would do another Malayalam remake of Shafi. I would be playing a girly character in that film. Later on I would be doing a period film based on a real story. If you analyze my career from Sethu to Period film, you can see how meticulously I am planning to career.

What about direct Telugu film?
There would be a direct Telugu film very soon. This film is expected to be launched in the year end of 2006.

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