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Chitchat with KV Ramana IAS
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KV Ramana, IAS contributed a lot towards promotion of art and culture in Telugu with his deeds. He worked in various cadres and served Telugu arts by being Managing Director of AP Film, TV and Theater Development Corporation. He is also instrumental in organizing the 14th International Children's Film Festival that starts on 14th of November 2005. Here is chitchat with KV Ramana -

10th November 2005

Tell us about your background?
I was born in Medak on 8th February 1952. I completed M. Sc. in Chemistry in 1972. I worked as Chemistry lecturer in Osmania University till 1977. I cleared civil services exams in 1977 and I was conferred with IAS in 1984. I completed MA in Telugu literature while on service in year 2000.

You show lot of interest in promoting Telugu arts and culture. What is the reason?
I have flair for arts, literature, sports and social service. I strongly believe that an IAS officer can influence youth, students and kids by his way of doing things and by giving messages. People do listen and follow IAS officers if they are known for credibility and worthiness. I have been officially associated with these services for the past 15 years. It gives me immense satisfaction as people get influenced in Telugu arts and literature.

Tell us about various positions you held at FDC?
I was the commissioner for FDC in 1995. I served as MD for the year 1999. I have been serving as MD again for FDC (Film, TV and Theater Development Corporation) since 2004.

What do you think is the reason behind the bad state of Stage Theater today?
There is no demand from public for Theater. The quality of production is also gone down. Stage Theater is a collective activity that needs 20-40 team members. Since there is no income in Theater most of the people take it as hobby.

We started a program called Rasa Ranjani to promote Stage Theater with the blessings of Devulapally Ramanujam. One has to purchase ticket to watch these stage plays. We have two days of Rasa Ranjani for every month in Ravindra Bharati. The attendance is rather poor. It is anywhere in between 20 to 80 patrons per show. I am not happy with the situation. Quality needs to improve. Writers are not coming up with good themes. The talented writers prefer TV or films to Stage Theater.

We started Nandi Natakosthavam around 6 years back to encourage Stage Theater. Because of the encouragement given by the Government through Film, TV and Theater Development Corporation, there are around 221 active samajams in AP today. Now a days, stage plays are being performed only during Nava Rathrulu.

Even if you look at the number of students in Department of Theater Arts in prestigious institute like Osmania University and Telugu Viswa Vidyalayam, the number is in single digit. There is still life in Stage Theater and Drama. We need to rejuvenate it.

What are the preparations going on for 14th International Children's Film Festival?
We are making this event to happen in a dynamic way. We identified certain bottlenecks and providing environment for smooth conduction of Film Festival.

Though FDC is providing many facilities for children film makers, children films made in Telugu are not reaching children as they do not have entertainment kids' lookout for?
We are giving entertainment tax exemption for all children's films. We are also implementing strictures to the cinema halls to make it a point to allocate theaters to children's films. The education department is making sure that the school authorities screen these films to children.

What about making films in entertaining way by including sugar coated education in them? Most of the Telugu children's films made these days are not attracting the target children?
Yes. I do agree with it. That trend has to go.

Do you have any message to the visitors of
Whatever you take up, do it with commitment. Make your personality reflected through the work you do. It is the deeds, not words that matter.

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