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Chitchat with Sekhar Kammula about Godavari
tell a friend grabbed the first interview about Anand given by Sekhar Kammula. brings you again the first interview of Sekhar Kammula given about Godavari film. Here is had brief chitchat over a coffee with Sekhar -

27th December 2005

What did you learn from the success of Anand and how you arrived at Godavari?
Family crowds and working class latched on to Anand. There is certain section of films who stopped watching films because of the run-of the-mill nature of films. All those people came back to Anand. Ladies liked the progressiveness in Roopa character played by Kamalinee Mukherjee. And progressiveness in women was projected in the right time in the form of Anand film.

If you look at my first two films (Dollar Dreams and Anand), they speak about urban middle class people. That is the genre I proved to be successful at. I did not want to change the genre. Godavari is another urban middle class story set against the backdrop of Godavari.

What is Godavari film all about?
Godavari is a soft romantic comedy with Godavari backdrop. We captured the nature and scenic beauty in Godavari. Nature has a part to play in this story. I am fascinated by Godavari and Papi Kondalu since my childhood.

Tell us how you arrived at the cast?

Sumanth: We tried for Madhavan initially, but could not get his dates. Since Godavari is a soft romantic comedy, I wanted a hero with soft image. Sumanth is the right person to do that role as he has the right image. I also feel that smart heroes allow new wave directors to do the film in their style. Sumanth has that sensibility to trust the director. You would see a new Sumanth in this film.

Kamalinee Mukherjee: Kamalinee plays the role of Seeta Maalakshmi in Godavari. She is projected in different angle in Godavari compared to Anand. It was not real Kamalinee who did the role of Roopa. The character of Seetamalakshmi is very close to her real life character.

Tanikella Bharani: Tanikella Bharani plays a pivotal role in this film. I also wanted him in the film because, he could help me out whenever they were some practical problems. His experience helped us a lot.

25 new faces: All other artists in Godavari are stage actors handpicked from Godavari districts. We made deliberate efforts to make all these artists respond in their natural ways instead of aping the characters in Vamsi’s films. These stage artists would bring lots of freshness and new flavor to the film like the artists of Lagaan film.

What is the reason behind partnering with GVG Raju?
GVG Raju is in touch with me since the release of Dollar Dreams. Hence he is the natural choice to me though there were lots of producers willing to make a film with me. I do not want to cash on the success of Anand by increasing the remunerations and hiking the budget. I want to see happiness in the faces of producer and distributors. Hence I am doing another reasonably low budget film in form of Godavari. But during this process, I overlooked practical problems of Godavari terrain.

What were those problems?
Initially we planned to shoot the film in 50 days. The incessant rains started pouring from the 2nd day onwards. We had to wait for the right lighting and shoot the film. Color of Godavari changes every six months. We wanted to capture both red water and normal water of Godavari. We never had bright sun and clear sky for 35 days. Ultimately we took 80 days to shoot the film so far. We shot for those 80 days continuously without any break. It was a very laborious process. And work for 10 days is pending now.

Tell us about the music and photography?
KM Radhakrishnam who scored for Anand is scoring music. There are six songs. Veturi penned all the lyrics. He wrote a great song on Godavari. Cinematographer C Vijay Kumar came up with spectacular photography by doing beautiful gradation.

How is it like shooting outdoors? Is it really expensive?
Every day we have 200 members working for the film. We had to buy Rs. 30,000/- worth of diesel everyday to run boats and generators.

Are you still working for Polaris?
No. I resigned from my job 5 months back.

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