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Allu Arjun’s 4th film Happy was released on 27th of January. has caught up with him in his Hyundai Tucson for a brief chitchat while he is returning from Sabdalaya after overseeing promotional trailers. Read what Allu Arjun has to say about Happy and other things in an exclusive chitchat -

2nd February 2006

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Lets talk about Happy. Are you happy?
I am basically a happy person. I am very happy. I am more happy because Chiranjeevi garu received Padma Bhushan award. So we are all in happy mood.

What you like in Happy and what you don’t like?
I would not expose what I did not like it Happy. Once I start exposing it, people’s concentration would go off. Some times people might like what I did not like in the film.

What I like about Happy is story, comedy montages, interval theme point, music and fight concepts (especially the ones in the first half).

Happy’s title song look like a music video?
We did not shoot that song with a regular choreographer. We brought a pop video director and shot the song in pop video style. This song was not directed by a choreographer, it was directed by a director whose has a team of his own in Mumbai.

What are your favorite songs in Happy in terms of visuals?
In term of visuals I rate Chal Chal Re as number one. That song keeps flying in tempo. I also like Vassare visually as it has my kind of steps. Visuals of ‘Hate you’ song are very funny and hilarious. I like visuals of all songs and the credit should go to the director Karunakaran. He concentrates a lot on songs and his main strength lies in songs picturization.

What is the reason for mentioning about IT industry in Hyderabadi song?
I had a personal message in Hyderabadi song. I am not born and brought up in Hyderabad. I am new to Hyderabad. There is similarity between me and the character in that aspect. I am enjoying the culture of Hyderabad. Booming industry in Hyderabad at present is software industry. Hence IT industry finds a few lines in this song.

Everybody tend to compare all your films with Arya. How do you feel about it?
Good in a way and bad in a way! Not everyday you can come across a film like Arya. It was very lucky that I got a subject like Arya. If I look out only for subjects like Arya, I may never find them. So I cannot stay back looking for those kind of subjects. I need to continue doing different kinds of films.

For the first time you seem to have an experienced and beautiful heroine in Happy?
Even I felt like that. I worked with first-time heroines so far and none of them really clicked. For the first time I felt I have a heroine who rocked in the film. I worked with an experienced heroine in the form of Genelia and it made my job easier. Heroine is the main part of Happy film and Genelia did a fabulous job.

Is it a deliberate decision to make a class film like Happy after Bunny?
Do you think Happy as a class film? I think Happy is a general audience film. It is more like an Arya kind of film which appeals to everybody irrespective of class/mass.

Apart from acting, what was your contribution to Happy?
Apart from acting, I am basically producer of the film. It is my dad’s film. I have taken interest in production. I want to give a good film to the people with high technical values. I prefer spending more on postproduction. If you check out Hyderabadi song, there are nice opticals in it. While keeping budget of song in mind, I allocated comparatively less money for the shooting of the song and more money for the postproduction work. I am spending the same amount of money in a different way to give a better output and new look. I believe experimenting in a small way without making a dent to the producer’s pocket.

What is the budget of Happy?
Happy is not a small film. It is reasonably good budgeted film. At the same time, it is not a huge expenditure film.

You seem to have put on a bit of weight for Happy?
Yes. And it was deliberate. For Bunny I was looking muscular as it was a mass film. Happy is a happy kind of film, hence I wanted to look very normal. It won’t suit the character in Happy if I look muscular. That is why I am looking bit chubby.

You seem to be playing orphan roles in happy-go-lucky films like Arya and Happy?
It is not that I do orphan roles to gain sympathy. Though I play orphan roles, I never rubbed on people that I am an orphan, hence sympathize with me. We used orphan characterization to jump the logic. We have the advantage of conveniently ignoring few characters from hero’s side.

Do you follow any strategy in planning out your career?
Yes. People saw me in a mass and village character in Gangotri. Nobody expected me to look very western in Arya. After Arya I did not want to give same kind of stuff. I had a very mass look in Bunny. After Bunny, they expected another film with mass look which I did not give. I have always been giving people what they did not expect from me.

Can we expect any films in future with Chiranjeeevi or Pawan Kalyan combination?
You should ask them more than me. I will always be more than willing to work with them. I hope someday it happens.

Your cousin Charan (son of Chiranjeevi) is expected to be launched in this year. What are your feelings about it?
I should not be saying this now. I have a very strong feeling that he is going to rock. We have been working out together and dancing together. To my surprise, he is more excellent than I even imagine him to be. I don’t want to unnecessarily hype him up right now. Everybody (the guys who have worked with us) raves about Charan. Charan took only 10 days to finish a feat which I took 2 months to learn. At the rate he is going, Charan is going to rock. And I want him to!

What are your future films?
I want to take a decision depending on the result of Happy. Accordingly I will decide which genre film I should do next.

What about film to be directed by Sukumar (Arya director)?
It is been rolling. Let us see how it goes. It is happening, but will take a while.

Are you having any directorial ambitions apart from acting?
No. I will stick to acting.

What is your take on multi-starrers in Telugu?
Why do we need multi-starrers? Common audiences are not asking for multi-starrers. In Bombay, there is craze and glamour for big stars. But not as much as we have in Telugu film industry. There is stardom in Telugu film industry. Stars are very strong in Telugu film industry because they have not done multi-starrers. Even if the content of the film is 50%, hero makes sure that he carries the rest of the 50%. In the long run, a star loses his value if he do multi-starrers.

Any message to visitors of
See Happy and be happy. Hopefully you will like the film!

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