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Telugu Movie review - Punnami Naagu
punnami naagu
Punnami Naagu

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Jeevi rating: 1.5/5
: snake story
Sound & Clap

Cast: Mumaith Khan, Rajiv Kanakala, Suhasini, Srinivasa Reddy, Nalini, MS Narayana, Melkote, Venu etc

Music: SA Raj Kumar
Cinematography: PN Babu
Story: Yandamuri Veerendranath
Screenplay - direction: A Kodandarami Reddy
Producer: G Vijay Kumar Goud
Release date
: 10 April 2009



punnami naagu A gang of snake skin poachers kill a male snake during the time of holy dance to snatch a powerful diamond from it. The female snake (Mumaith Khan) sets out to take revenge on them. But it is constrained due to certain rules. Hence it has to take form of a woman with certain qualifications. That woman turns out to be a model (Mumaith Khan) who is also a daughter of a sincere police officer. The rest of the story is all about how female snake takes revenge on the snake poachers.

Artists Performance

punnami naaguMumaith Khan is adequate as a model who is possessed by a female snake. Rajiv Kanakala is alright as the male lead. Suhasini is good as the dumb girl. MS Narayana is ineffective. Vinod Kumar did the role of one of the poachers. Srinivas Reddy is adequate. Nalini is loud as the witch.

Technical departments

punnami naaguStory - screenplay - direction: Story of the film has potential in it. But an uninteresting screenplay coupled by archaic direction makes this film unappealing. There are good commercial elements in the movie. But director could not capitalize on those aspects. However, there are still some elements that might cater to the masses of B and C centers.

Other departments: Music by SA Raj Kumar is mediocre. The remix of Ragulutundi Mogali Poda is good. Dialogues are ordinary. Cinematography is average. Visual effects don’t impress.

punnami naaguAnalysis: Punnami Nagu is about a snake’s revenge as the title suggests. It is for the people who still want to see bhakti cinemas made on snakes. If you have such frame of mind and orientation, you may watch it. Otherwise, the entire concept, treatment and orientation might not go well with the movie lovers of contemporary cinema.

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