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Chitchat with Gopichand

May 8, 2007

Gopichand is one of very few actors who can express intense feelings on the screen among the young lot of Telugu film industry. He created a niche for himself as a mass hero and works on selective projects. His next film Lakshyam is due for the release in June 2007. met Gopichand for a chitchat. Here are the excerpts -

What went wrong with Raraju?
The story appeared good when it was narrated, but the director went out of focus while directing it. There were some production lapses as well which resulted in the improper output. I came to know about the result of the film while I was dubbing for it.

What is the result of Okkadunnadu?
Commercially it is a safe project. It was a good film and did a lot of good to my career graph. I got close to the class audiences and A center crowds with this film.

How did your latest film Lakshyam materialize?
Bujji approached me with Srivas's story. Srivas's narrated the story in an inspiring manner. The story has all kinds of emotions to cater all types of genres. Srivas is confident and has lot of clarity. He gave good output and he knows what he wants.

What is the story of Lakshyam?
This is the story of a college student who faces a problem which forces him to set a target (Lakshyam) and achieve it. It is a full-fledged film will all kinds of emotions.

What is the best film you have done so far?
It is very difficult to leave out any film because I liked all those films at script level. My character in Yagnam turns from negative to positive. Ranam character is based on strategy. Andhrudu character is sophisticated and dignified. Raraju is a mass character. Okkadunnadu is stylish.

Tell us about Lakshyam heroine Anushka?
I saw Anushka's performance in Vikramarkudu and she has come a long way in this film. She is very dedicated to her work and hardworking. Anushka is a passionate learner.

Tell us about Nallamalupu Bujji?
I did not know him before making this film, but he is the most dedicated producer I worked with after Pokuri Babu Rao. He handles production issues very well and never compromise on production values if it is really needed for the film. He is very hard working and will have bright future as producer.

What is your next project?
My next project will be produced by Pokuri Babu Rao. BV Ramana (Gowri fame) will direct this film. It is a love story with action backdrop. There is a different point in this film.

How many films are you planning to do per year?
I aim to do 3 films an year, but that depends on the good subjects we get. This year you will see 3 releases from me.

Are you open for doing different kind of films?
I want to do different films. But our audiences look forward for certain kinds of films only. People don't accept if hero dies in the climax where as some of the greatest films in Hindi and Tamil have hero dieing the climax.

What is your involvement in filmmaking?
My involvement in the script lies till it is finalized. Once the film comes to sets, I just go there and do my work. I don't interfere. If I interfere in the sets, it will hurt the ego of director. All the directors work sincerely to give best output. By hurting their ego, we are only harming the film.

Are you open for a multistarrer?
Yes, if I get the right script.

What is your dream character?
I want to do anti-hero films like Ahuti. I want to do films that show lot of intensity. I would like to do films like Godfather and Scarface (the films done by Robert Di Nero and Al Pacino in their prime time). There will be lot more scope for performance in films like these.

Did you like any recent Telugu films?
I liked many films in the last couple of years. But what I find most inspiring is the performance of NTR in Rakhi film.

What do you do in your spare time?
I used to play cricket in the spare time. But not anymore. I love chatting with friends.

What is your dream car?
BMW 7 Series is my dream car. I will buy it when I earn that much of money. My first car was a Matiz which I bought before Jayam happened. That is when I decided that I would buy a big car when I become a hero. And I bought Toyota Corolla after I became hero with Yagnam. Right now I am using the same car.

What kind of emotions you would love to do?
I like doing comedy scenes. I also like to do scenes that involve giving intense expressions. I loved working for Jayam film as Teja extracted lots of intense performance from me.

Do you get any female fan mail?
Interestingly, I got many calls from girls when I did negative roles in Jayam and Varsham. I think in the deep of the heart of every human being there is an animal that gets attracted to the bad things first. I got lot of appreciation for Okkadunnadu film as well.

How do you keep yourself fit?
I daily workout at a gym for 45 minutes as it is important to spare only one hour a day for if you want to stay fit. Only the body builders need to workout in gym for more than an hour.

How are you coping up with the fame after becoming an actor?
I try to mingle with others and I don't want to live in a shell. I know that whatever fame I got as an actor is not forever. If I start enjoying it, I will have to repent at leisure when I am deprived of it.

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