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Chitchat with VN Aditya
VN Aditya

May 11, 2007

An entertaining game (Aata) to watch - VN Aditya

VN Aditya - the director of Aata - is a happy man these days when met him, he unravels the story behind the making of Aata.

What went wrong with Boss?
The 3/4th of the film was good.. But things went wrong while making too many emotional scenes in the last half an hour. Nagarjuna has the record of making audience cry with emotional performance in films like Annamayya, Santosham and Sri Ramadasu. I wanted Boss also to have the same element. It was my decision that went wrong.

How did Aata happen?
MS Raju told me that he would make a film with me after stupendous success of Manasantha Nuvve. We met a few times to discuss about the project. We expected Manasantha Nuvve to be a runaway hit. But the Telugu movie lovers have given classic status to that film. During the production of Boss, MS Raju called me and narrated this story. I felt that this film has all the elements of Manasantha Nuvve except for emotion.

Why was emotion missing?
This a breezy entertainer like Dhoom 2. Aata is just supposed to entertain. If we insert emotion, it would have become a routine melodrama. That is the reason why we deliberately avoided having emotional scenes.

The audiences are saying that this film is similar to Gudumba Shankar?
I too have watched Gudumba Shankar. There are only a few stories and formulas for us to make a film. For example Basha, Master, Samarasimha Reddy and Narasimha Naidu have the similar formula. But the story lines are different. All these films are blockbusters. The formula of Aata might be similar to that of Gudumba Shankar. But the story and purpose is completely different. Hero directly brings heroine to villain’s house. The main knot in the second half lies in the challenge he makes with villain in the pub. There is also a twist in the climax. In Gudumba Shankar, only Pawan Kalyan’s characterization was good. But not other elements.

What do you think about Siddhardh’s dubbing to this mass character?
Siddhardh has too much of corporate image. And his image sometimes overshadows his character. That is the reason why some people might feel that dialogue delivery did not suit the character. But I found it to be good enough.

There is too much of exposing by Ileana in this film?
Raj Kapoor also exposed Dimple Kapadia a lot in Bobby. In my opinion, K Viswanath generated the most sensual feeling with the song ‘Manasu Palike Mouna Ragam’ in Swathy Muthyam film. Compared to them, what we have shown regarding Ileana is pretty less. She got a very good role in Aata where she can also perform.

If you look at the hoarding Khairatabad, it appears more like a Kamasutra position. Why the posters of Aata are so sensual?
No photo session was done for the film. All the images that appear in posters are taken while shooting was going on. All the images are there in the film. But one would not notice them in film as images move very fast. It does not look odd in the film.

There is divide talk on Aata film?
Divide talk is been heard only in trade circles. The talk in public is very good. Audience liked the film a lot. I watched the film in many theaters and observed that crowds are getting immensely entertained. I am receiving many phone calls. A few popular Telugu film heroes said that they liked the film and wondered why the trade is giving negative publicity. Producer is adding 20 prints in the next week. The revenue is extremely strong. First half is good. Second half is excellent. The openings are terrific. There is very good mouth talk. With superior advantage of summer season, Aata film will cross the commercial success of my earlier hits Manasantha Nuvve and Nenunnanu.

How do you sum up Aata?
An entertaining game (Aata) to watch. It is a fantastic youthful romantic entertainer.

There are rumors that MS Raju ghost-directs his films. What is your opinion as you did two films with him?
MS Raju is a very good technician and also an excellent producer. Any producer with good technical credentials would tempt to ghost-direct his films. But MS Raju is not like that. He depends on his technicians to extract the maximum output. I trust MS Raju’s technical caliber. We share a father-son relationship. I don’t mind taking suggestions from a producer as it is the producer who pours in hisheard earned money.

What are your future projects?
Let me enjoy the success of Aata first. I haven’t decided on my next project yet.

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