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Chitchat with Vishnu

January 22, 2008

After surprising everybody with his stupendous hit Dhee, Vishnu is all set to release his next film Krishnarjuna with 275 prints on 1st February. This film is a socio fantasy with magical elements. met Vishnu at his Think Smart office for an exclusive interview. Here are the excerpts -

What is the reason for selecting Krishnarjuna script after the success of Dhee?
We have been working on the script of Krishnarjuna even before six months of Dhee’s release in 2006. This film is supposed to start after I finished my film 'Romeo Juliet' to be directed by Vijaya Bhaskar. Later I realized that I would not suit the character and let that project go and we started Krishnarjuna film. I hope to work with Vijaya Bhaskar in near future. P Vasu worked for six months on the script of Krishnarjuna.

What is the reason behind Nagarjuna accepting this project?
When we approached Nagarjuna he categorically said that he would do the film only if he likes the script. Then my father told him that if he did not like script, then he would scrap the project. Nagarjuna liked the subject immensely.

What is Krishnarjuna film about?
It is about magic and super hero. This film is a different film and I am sure that a sequel will soon be made after the success of Krishnarjuna.

Tell us about Nagarjuna character?
It is a very special role. There is no heroine for Nagarjuna in this film. He plays my best friend in the film. You have to watch the film to know exactly what kind of character he is playing.

Who is Krishna and who is Arjuna?
Nagarjuna plays the role of Krishna. I do the role of Arjuna.

The broomstick still in Krishnarjuna gallery suggests that this film might be inspired by Hollywood flick Bruce Almighty?
This film is based on the art of magic. This film tells us what happens if a guy truly possess magical powers. Characters like these don't come often in Tollywood. None of my generation heroes have done this kind of roles.

Did you take any special precautions for this film?
I shed weight because I was supposed to do Vijaya Bhaskar's film. Since we started Krishnarjuna, the director asked me to gain more weight. I gained 12 kgs to play this character.

Will this film be hilarious like Dhee?
No. This film is not going to be as funny as Dhee.

What are going to be highlights of the film?
Nagarjuna, Music, Magic element and stunt sequences. I jumped from a 100 feet tall building. We imported sophisticated stunt equipment to shoot this scene. K Raghavendra Rao directed a part of Nagarjuna's song in this film.

Tell us about the production values and budget of Krishnarjuna?
My market has gone up after the success of Dhee. Hence we could comfortably spend for this film. We shot this film in 101 days. We shot a couple of songs in Dubai and these songs were choreographed by Bosco Caeser. Remo D'Souza shot a song in a different style. All these songs are going to entertain the movie lovers. 800 kids acted in my introduction song.

Tell us about Mamata Mohandas?
She is one of the sweetest heroines I worked with. Mamata is a wonderful human being just like Anushka. We all hit off well and are good friends. She has got wonderful family and she is a great singer. We got very emotional on the last day of shoot since we had to part.

Tell us about the director?
I learnt a lot from P Vasu. He is a great actor too. He acts and shows us how to do it. We have very few directors like Seenu Vytla who can act and show it to the actors.

What about Mohan Babu's cameo?
He comes as a surprise in a surprising get-up in a song.

Are you being paid remuneration for this film?
Let me cover all the losses I brought to my father in the past. It is always my mother who funds my expenses. And even if I am paid, all the money will go to my mother.

Tell us about the promo song specially done for theaters and national TV channels?
For the first time in the history of South Indian cinema, we have produced a special song for the sole purpose of promoting the film in national TV channels. It is a 3.15 minute duration song. This song is also added with all the prints of Pourudu and Krishna to be screened in theaters. This song will be aired on Channel V soon.

How do you feel about 275 print release?
Krishnarjuna is releasing on 1st Febraury with 275 prints. I can't believe that my film is releasing with so many prints. My earlier film Dhee was released with 175 prints. When my first film Vishnu was released with 120 prints, everybody was surprised. Incidentally this is the highest print release by Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures banner.

Since this film is based on magic, it must have cost a lot to do CG work?
We shot 30% of the film on green mat. This film has extensive special effects.

Are you satisfied with your achievement in Dhee?
I am getting lots of crazy offers after the success of Dhee. But I set my goal high. Dhee is just a small portion of what I intent to achieve. I still have more heights to scale. Dhee film was a relief and it collected lots of money.

Tell us about your next project with Krishna Vamsi?
Krishna Vamsi is going to direct my film very soon. You will see entirely different Vishnu in that film. It will be a fully action-packed entertainer. We are going to fly in fight choreographers all around to world to compose the action sequences. I am very much excited about this project.


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