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My Movie - Ashta Chemma
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September 18, 2008

Ashta Chemma - This game really 'rocks'!!

'Ashta Chemma' - the story of 8 people or 4 couples is an epitome of how comedy alone can carry a movie on its broad shoulders irrespective of whether it has stars or 'superstars'.

This movie by experimental director Indraganti Mohanakrishna of 'Grahanam' fame is the perfect medium to assess his intellectual ability.He manages to weave a beautiful story around one name-'Mahesh' and make it enjoyable.

He is well supported by a slew of budding actors and great screenplay.

First comes Srinivas or Anand(in the movie).He is a show stealer and throughout the movie you find that he has a great role to play which he does with aplomb.He just paints every scene in myriad hues with the sort of confusion he creates and his expressions are very funny.Then there is Nani who plays his character ,Rambabu alias Mahesh with equal aplomb.(Point to be noted:He looks absolutely stunning with goggles on)

Swathi whose character is an anti-thesis of the role she played in AMAV looks cute and suits her role to the T .Bhargavi has a brief role to play as Anand's love interest.But she manages to make u love the village girl for all her sweetness and sincerity.These people are ably supported by seasoned artistes from films n television like Tanikella Bharani and Hema.Jhansi again proves that she's is a versatile actress and pulls off a few good laughs.

Music by Kalyani Malik is pure brings back memories of old melodies with its simple lyrics and lilting tunes.He's performed magic and has brought the capabilities of new singers to the fore.The song picturised on Srini and Bhargavi looks like a spoof on old songs but is beautiful all the same.

The cinematographer's gotta take a bow from my side for showcasing both Hyderabad and Lakkavaram in all its beauty and splendor.The dialogues need a special mention as every word spoken by the actors makes u think of daily conversations and the entire movie gets a rhythmic feel to it.

This goes to prove that a director can make a good movie provided he identifies the right talent and understands what the audience would like to watch.The viewer sort of develops a bond with the characters and begins to empathise with him/her.The ending comes as a surprise with the introduction of the fourth couple.

The movie though short in length(just 2:15 hrs) is memorable bliss and i'm sure i'll buy the cd when it's out for keeps.

lalitha spoorthi
[email protected]

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